Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This Post is Propelled by:

-Friendless assholes who have nothing better to do than tell someone that they are an easy target because they think that they're funny. I mean, it does get to me. All the negative crap that people are throwing around actually gets to me sometimes. I know, shock, right?
-Gilmore Girls ending
-The fact that I am apparently too weak to even take up a shred more existance in anyone's life.
-I'm probably going to fail school, considering how things are going right now.

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Joepoe said...

Oh please! You need to relearn the dictionary and what words really mean. The things that come out of my mouth, I don't mean what you think I mean. When I tell a girl I think she has big... I am only telling her that I think she is pretty. You are not going to fail either. Just go to your teacher for a little extra help. It is not embarassing, you want to know embarassing? Getting a 16/30 on the foiling quiz last year in math while it was being graded in class by a girl next to me, while she got a perfect score and I watched with my periferal vision as she marked half my answers wrong. You think you are the only one that has problems in school. I still remember all the 1/2 and 1/3 and 2/5 grades that I got in math among other things. If you are, you wouldn't be the only person that brings home c's and has to get their parents to sign the friggin' things cause I don't have the guts to forge it.

As for your shirt, I love it. It is brilliant! I hate republicans! We all hate republicans! And I respect you wearing that when people were voting in our school today. You tell those racist, bible-thumping, fagg-bashing, science-ignoring, alalalalalalalalalaing republicans!

I was just joking when I was making fun of your shirt! Why must you take these things so seriously? Gosh! Calm down! You know why nobody ever really gets to me? It is because I am rapturous! I am happy! I know life is good. Even when my grades suck, even when my friends make fun of me and tell me that I am really stupid or weird. Even when I have seniors that I miss that don't give a crap about me and tell that to me to my face. Even when I am forced to suffer through six periods of bull every morning with all my friggin', stupid teachers. Just one after the other! What I hate most about teachers is when they tell you that you should be less sociable and you should pay attention to them. Who the hell are they? Screw them! Being sociable is a thousand times more important than knowing that gbo means daughter in Igbo! I mean who gives a crap about Igbo? But hell! I am still happy because my life is good. I am a rich American that has a fun, healthy life and many friends and so do you and so are you. And I don't need a bible telling me that children can be immaculately conceived in order to make me realize that life is about being nice, being happy, and having fun!

My point is don't let anything bring your mood down. Be like the Jolly Buddha: constantly laughing. He is laughing because he knows that his life is good and that life in general is good!

Now this is just me, but if I were fealling down right now, I would up to the kitchen and pack a bowl with icecream. Then I would eat it with a tablespoon while listening to some tunes and maybe drawing pictures as well! That puts me in a good mood!

And I do have friends. Lots of them. Beyond the world of Tim, Jeff, Jeff, Maddie, Jesse, Emily, Mellisa, Ello, Kweku, me and etc people, I have groups of friends that are nothing like your lot. People that are like me. They realize that a lot of what comes out of my mouth is just a friendly joke. People that don't take ap courses all the time and people that don't listen to nothing but broadway musicals, and people that aren't hardcore celebates, and people that are into things other than star wars and marching band, and people that believe in having fun and eating icecream with tablespoons and stuff like that. The asshole part I can see though. Well, actually, I can't see it unless I strain. See? That is one of the childish, meaningless jokes I often say. The things that people read too far into when all I am really doing is joking. And btw, when I was making fun of the nerds in the above paragraph, I was excluding you and I. You and I are not nerds because we are not smart enough to be nerds. And do you know why? It is because we are NORMAL! We listen to actual music, we don't take tons of ap courses, we have a life.

And you are an easy target because you get upset when I say stupid things that you should just ignore. Nobody else gets real upset because they all know that what I have to say is usually pretty studid.

And you take me seriously when I say derogotory things. You have your own voice. Listen to yourself! And I am tired now. I have to study for my stupid science teacher because the b**ch does not even have the decency to give us a word bank!