Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Just Have To Say One Thing:

I'm sorry. I know that I overreacted.

It's just that every time you think I am mad (and by you i mean plural you, like all you, vous, that sense, and I am in no way reffering to one single person), I'm never actually mad. I'm just laughing and starting a fuss because I find it FUNNY. For example, Joe, I didnt really care about the comment that you made about my shirt. At all. I just reacted because I thought it was funny.

And then there are times when it's late and I can't sleep and I'm sad and I read something that hits me too hard and gets me mad. Like when I was told that I was an easy target, I know that the person who said it didnt mean it, but here's the thing: I know that I am weak, and I wish that I wasn't. I wish that I could be happy about everything and that nothing would get to me but I can't. I can't be like that.


Poeseph said...

Oh I have seen easier targets! You are not submisive. There is this girl in my science class named Sarrah. I don't know what her last name is, but she is just sooooooooooooo studpid and submisive and kind of pitiful.

Not surprisingly, Jake Ailor is on a campaign to get her. Not because she is all that pretty or anything, but because he realizes how easy of a target she would be and that she is pretty enough.

I for one prefer vanilla and you don't know what that means and I am not going to tell you, so don't ask.

i r joepoe said...





Now backwards.



As you can probably tell right now, I'm really bored! I already exausted every picture from the sweeny todd cd and I already looked at every page in the yearbook. I guess I will be less bored when we go to the concert tonight.

I am so happy. Now that I have a chs yearbook, I can figure out who people are. Already I have looked up what half a dozen of my friends names are. Now I just need to study them.


I am really bored

bye now


Molly Wobbles said...

JOE POE SARAH IS MY FRIEND I HATE YOU!!!!!!! You are such a jerk!

Jake said...

hey, i read that, u little dipshits, im coming 4 u now, cept u molly.