Friday, May 04, 2007

What Kind Of Day Is It?

I can't tell. This song, which is ordinarily depressing, makes me feel all floaty and a peaceful sort of happy. I know why, too.

"In my mind they felt so soft/And the image there held me aloft."

Spring is a good season. Allergies aside, I'm really pretty fond of it.

"I've found a better way to pass the time/A better way to make you mine."

This day didnt start out good. In fact, it started out horribly. But then something happened, and the fact that that one incident could improve the entire day is startling. In good and bad ways.


Sam said...

Well, seeing me has that effect on people.

Ali said...


I don't get it. Ohhh wait, was tjat you implying that the thing that happened was seeing you? OHHH. Well, uh, i don't wanna damage your self esteem or

And yes, i knew you were joking. So am I. I've had a few, uh, incidents with that whole "joking or not" thing.