Sunday, May 20, 2007

Go, Scotland!

...For producing someone so sexy.

Yes, Tim's brother, I know that he is engaged. To that girl who played Madame du Pompador in that one episode. I'm crying, really. On the inside.

Joe: Yes, I have a thing for nerds, but I only actually started obsessing...I mean...being a bit more ENTHUSIASTIC when Tim was stupid enough to send me some interview thing with him. And the English accent that he puts on for the show is okay, I guess, but he has the sexiest Scottish accent this side of anywhere. Seriously. And when he says his r's, it's not just like a normal "are". It's like "rrrrrrrrrrrr". Why did they make him be British??? Seriously!! So many more people would watch that show if he actually talked like that the whole time!!! And then the video that popped up after that one on Youtube, he was wearing very "nice" black jeans...I love the Converses with the suit, but honestly, he looks so much better dressed all nice like that.

Lol sorry for all the obsessing...i'm just being...uhhh....AMAZING!!!!!

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Joepoe said...

Kweku is also Scottish. So is Nessie, and Hagis (however you spell it), and skirts, sorry kilts, and the bagpipes. Personaly, I like British accents in women. Especially the blonde ones that...nevermind. Latinas are good to with those accents: "Megusta Papi, Megusta Papi!" Even girls with black accents, uh, I really don't know any other way to describe them, are sexy too. I don't like sothern drawls though. They just annoy me. I don't really know what Scottish sounds like. Kweku seems to talk normally. I might have had something for Irish and German accents, but I live in a state that is basically all Irish and German people. I have no idea what an Italian or French accent sound like but w/e. Asian accents are great too. They have those really like high-pitched voices. Utada Hikaru, a famous Japanese pop star, has like the sexxiest voice in the world! This is a shout out to Utada: Hi Utada. I love your voice!

Kiera Knightly has a nice voice too. Back to the Brits. Yeah that cokney accent however you spell it is the stuff!

As for the nerds...I don't really have a nerd fetish. Haha! Nerdy women don't really want traditional men. That's why they are nerds. Most of them have hypogonadism anyways. And if you don't know what the closest thing to a hypogonadism fetish is, ask me in person.

And if the fact that I find certain women's accents sexy annoys you in any way, women that obsess over men's accents annoy me just as much! Well good night, and I hope you enjoy cuddling with your pillow! I don't have to any more because I am in a crushless state until I get another girlfriend. Good night.