Friday, May 25, 2007

Back to Black

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.

I have new spring CD!!

For those of you not fluent in SpazzAli, there's always this one CD that I listen to when it's warm out, and this year I'm putting most of my money on Amy Winehouse with "Back to Black." This is my favorite song so far, so...yay!! JoePoe, you are going to leave a comment about how hot she is, so let me just steal your thunder right here and mention it.


i r joepoe said...
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Ali said...

Joe, if i have said it once I've said it a billion thousand million times: DON'T USE MY BLOG TO BASH PEOPLE IN OUR SCHOOL!! I'm not mad at you, or mad at all, but jeez. You're gonna get me in trouble here, dude.

i r joepoe said...

Reise Reise! such a great song by Rammstein. I am listening to it right now. It is not as famous as Du Hast and Amerika, but it is just as good. Wow! What a voice the lead singer has! German voice training must be intense because his singing can crush 90% of lead singers. I mean I am not a big metal fan, but I love Rammstein! I wonder if he can really say "reise reise" like that or if he uses a whole lot of special effects to make his voice like that.

And now to adress you.

Oh, and the guy with the pony tail and the hat that plays the keyboard and accordian is also really cool. He is a perfect example of a guy that acts really weird and yet is being the way he wants to be and has such originality and self-confidence that he is really cool.

Now to adress what you said:

My appologies. I am just making my point. I am exercising my right to express myself when I feel it's time. I don't mean to get you in trouble. And I don't see what kind of trouble I am going to get you in. I have never heard of colleges throwing a hissy fit and not admitting a student because a crazy guy was exercising his right to express himself when he feels it is time on HER blog. I mean it is HER the college cares about, not HIM.

But I appologize miss.

And remember, Sawarms ruined the movie. (300).

-i r joepoe