Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Straw, and It's Pink!


Go get your own damn blog, or i will delete any posts as long as that.

Plus, "Weird little grils?"

Also, My Chemical Romance is not my favorite but not the worst. If you only listen to the "hits", you get what most strictly pop-centric listeners like. Those are usually not the best.
And ew. If you EVER hear me raving about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, shoot me. In fact, I rarely rave about anything. I personally think that those guys suck, and My Chemical Romance is only good if you don't take them seriously.

And you can't say that you can't see how snobby, judgemental, hypocritical and elitist your comments sound. I'm not mad or trying to insult you, I'm just exercising my vocabulary.

Augh. Finals, anyone?

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A Farewell From a Poe said...

Elitist? You know I am only joking. All human beings are created equal. I know I make fun of everyone, but the equality thing is a true statement. I am a liberal and I believe in equal rights. There are no savages and civilized peoples, there are only different cultures. I just like to joke around. You know that. And as far as the last straw thing, I am pretty sure this is the last time I'll write til Sept 6, so LUCKY YOU! Without me, however, you will come to the conclusion that the only person that really reads what you write is me. You might as well be writing for me. Or writing for the college you applied to that is trying to weed out the surpluss students who applied by whatever means necesary. Which is bad for both of us.

Also, you wouldn't be denying the fact that you are a weird little girl now, would you? Hits, at least in my opinion, are usually better. If you start listening to one band's crappier songs, you start to like that band less. And I don't like all hits, I just like the GOOD ones, which certainly excludes Chemical Romance now doesn't it? Haha, chemical romance, that sounds like something an atheist would say when denying the fact that love exists.

Oh, and you do certainly rave about things. Usually random half-fruit celebrities. Haidon Christianson, Dr. Who, Colin Firth. I can only imagine how much you hugg your pillow. Try shooting for another 15-year-old. As for me, I have come to the conclusion that crushes are stupid, useless things and are also easily avoidable if you are specifically trying not to get them. Damn, I hate doublle l's! Stupid, stupid English language and the fact that adverbs are randomly either ly or lly. Haha, stupid, stupid. I so stole that from you!

Also, snobby, elitist, judgemental? Since when have I dissed poor people? I love poor people. My best friend is poor. He's only got four shirts, last I saw him. I never said I liked rich people ever. Freaking preps! And just because I where 65 dollar polos and 40 dollar pants and dark brown belts and white shoes and socks and undershirts does not mean I am a prep, it just means I am a rather wealthy metro. And what do you have against wealthy metro's. Lets face it, Heiden Christianson is a wealthy metro, doctor who is a wealthy metro, Mr. Mucci is a wealthy metro, Colin FIrth is an idiot, but that's besides the point.

Ah! Finally! My dad just got off my computer, which I can draw on unlike this one, so now I have something better to do than write to you. Well, have a good summer! Goodbyes!