Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Dictator Coat"

So i got the coolest coat ever. It's green and longish with pockets. Then i was told that it looks like a "dictator coat". ?!?!?!?

Filming today. It was cold out. I annoyed Shermy. Tried to run in snow. Fell on my face. Oh, I also got the best flavors of lip gloss ever. Vanilla Cola and Black Cherry Soda. Emma got root beer. I. Am. In. Love. With. Them.



It is currently 11:16 PM. Tired? Uh, yeah. Why don't I go to bed, you ask? Well, because my parents are still at this party thing they went to. Said they'd be back by 10:30. Uhh, no. And i'm babysitting, so the siblings get to sleep and i don't. My legs are hurting for no apparent reason. It. Sucks. A. Lot.

Hmm, subjects to talk about. Well, I havent updated Imperfection in a WHILE. I dunno, maybe i gave up. Maybe I didnt. Who knows.

February is a bad time to make movies. My shoe is still wet (yes, shoe singular. Long story). Oyoyoyoyoyoyoy.

They didnt bring their phones, either. To the party that is. So we couldnt bug them or something. It's 11:20. I am SO TIRED. They really have to come home soon, cuz this is miserable. Cuz i just really wanna SLEEP. But i don't want to call them at the neighbor's house again, cuz emma already did that....argargargargarg..."We'll be back befor 9:30.".....sure.

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Connor said...

ALI!!!! ITS CONNOR! AAAHHH! whats happening???!!!