Saturday, February 24, 2007

Phone Call

I'm not explaining the title. I'm just not.



Waiting for my video to upload on YouTube. My cousins and siblings are in the other room watching Star Wars. Normally nothing can tear me away from my Hayden Christansen. And hey, that's a good point. Why arent i in there watching? See ya!


Joepoe said...

It is 1:42 am and I forgot to steel my brother's headphones back. Ever since I have accidently broken three pairs of headphones within the last month (they are all like $2.00 each anyways) We have only had one set of headphones to share. They are the $14.00 headphones. WOW! (If you know the apraisal of headphones, good headphones cost way more than $14.00.) My brother and I fight over the $14.00 headphones. I used to change the direction of the batteries in his MP3 player so he'd have no reason to use them, but now he's got an ipod. He still has trouble with batteries. Ha! He is so untechi! I mean how can you be going into 8th grade and do about 15 words per minute when you type? Life will consume him! The only technological thing he is the master of is the basic cable remote, which I am still adjusting to since I got basic cable in January. So anyways, I can't listen to your movie right now or I'll wake up my parents...hence why I wrote all this. When I do take the headphones back, I'll be sure to critique it.

PS-Is that how you spell critique?

PPS- You women disgust me with your pretty boy obssessions!

PPPS-Is there such a thing as a PPPS?

PPPPS-Who do you like more, Anakin Skywalker or Cedric Diggory? From my polls, most women lean towards Cedric, but you are allways a good way...yes...different in a good way! =^)

Ali said...






Joepoe said...

I knew you'd be different.

You just like him cause he can flail a sword

And you like that metal arm of his!

And you like that one scene from the third episode where he wakes up from a nightmare and his chest is showing!

The only reason I know that scene is because Lauren Clarke was watching it two years ago in our homebase and she called him a hot sexy beast during that scene. EW! Women are weird!

Anyways, I watched it now.

May I remind you that filming yourself and your HOUSE and putting it on the internet is not an intelligent thing to do. Especially putting your younger sibblings on. I am sure you remember the young children stalker thingy presentation that they showed us last year in the auditorium.

And just for the record, I could read the writing, but it was difficult. The camera kept bouncing.

You are going to grow up to be a nub too!

I don't know how you got Timbo to say "beat her up." It is almost imposible, but I'd have to say good job. Good job as in YOU fimled TIMBO writing something violent! You must have paid him!

HA! I stole my headphones back!

Ali said...

1. hell to the yeah. especially the nightmare scene, where he wakes up all sweaty and shirtless...hee.

2. i didnt pay him. i asked him. Originally he was only supposed to say "beat her up". then he didnt and i panicked, but i'm like "he's only gonna do this once...

Joepoe said...

I'm still surprised he did it.

Joepoe said...

Let me see. What movie stars do I like?

I really don't find most celebrities attractive. Britney Spears is garbage. So is Christina Agulera. Jesica Simpson is kind of hot, but she is such an idiot and a bitch! You know what, I take that back. She is not hot. Jaylo really isn't that good looking. Angalina Jolie, which I can't spell, is really, really ugly. What imbasiles think she is so attractive? Her face is not even relatively pretty. She also looks like she injected a liter of botox into each of her lips. If there is any rumor that men care about lips, men take lips the way they are: normal. No lipstick, no ridiculously huge lips, just perfectly normal lips are fine. I am also very picky about women's eyebrows, but that's just me.

No, I really don't find any movie stars or celebrities attractive.

No wait,

Kiera Knightly. Yeah. I really like Kiera Knightly. She is a young british chick with blonde hair. I love those ones! Anyways, she is like the only attractive movie star there is.

If any of this offends you, quid pro quo! I find it just as offensive that you women go crazy for Anakin, and Cedric Diggory, and worst of all, that guy that invented scientology!

Joepoe said...

Yes, I am a heterosexual. I just like to wear polos.

The jocks wear polos all the time, and they are allways good with the ladies. Those big, stupid, gorilla-like men.

Polos make me feel specialer than t-shirts. I don't care what anyone thinks!

hoodies are nice, but they are so overused! I feel too normal when I wear them all the time.

Joepoe needs to be special!