Tuesday, February 06, 2007



So I'm doing a theatre arts project. We have to present a poem, 12 lines or longer, and really act it out and stuff. Of course, the inevitable happens:

I'm having poem problems.

First i was like "I'll just do e. e. cummings because i'm in love with his name." And then I saw his poem.

Now it's down to three. "Greif" by Elizabeth Barret Browning (second one down), "The Grass So Little Has To Do- by Emily Dickinson (second one down again), and "The Oak" by Alfred Lord Tennyson (second one down). The e. e. cummings is there too, i think, on famous poets. I was going to do Shel Silverstein but of course that gets stolen....maybe i'll just do it anyways....


Joepoe said...

Ah! I have writen poems before. What do you call it when Joepoe writes a poem?

You call it poetry. HEE!

Well that just goes to show that only jokes envolving sex and racism are funny.

Anyways, did you read my Italian comment in "Why I love America" Please take a look at it so you can beg to know what it means. MWAHAHA! Still not funny, huh? Well once again, all that is funny is jokes envolving sex and racism.

Joepoe said...

Oh, and politics.

Molly Wobbles said...


There I finnished your comment lol

poseph said...

What the hell? Easily Distracted? What hapened to a rose, you said...I suppose?

Joepoe said...

I just finished watching "The Office"

In the words of Michael, "Webster's dictionary defines wedding as the joining of two metals with applied heat."