Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yarg. I'm trying to watch this video, but it's having trouble loading. So i'm gonna write during every little streaming thingy and stop when it starts up again. And every time it starts, i have to start a new subject. Ready? GO!

So newspaper is pissing me off. As

if this dude on this series could ever get this girl. He has some serious tooth issues. And face issues. God this is taking a long time. This show i'm watching, it's like on the computer but a TV show, and the episodes are on the computer, which is cool except for right now. YARG IT'S NOWHERE!! Okay, going back to original website now.

So it started streaming, then it stopped. Bah. But that's not a new subject.



Molly Wobbles said...

I hate when that happens especially when the last thing you loaded was like SUPER fast and now the slowness... yeahz

Joepoe said...

I hate it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When that happens, it is a good idea to create another window and watch something else while it is loading.