Monday, February 12, 2007

Emo Kid

"Dear Diary, Mood: apathetic. My life is spiraling downward. I couldnt get enough money to go to the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate Me Dry concert. It sucks cuz they play some of my favorite songs, like "Stab My Heart Because I Love You" and "Rip Apart My Soul" and of course, "Stabby Rip Stab Stab." And it doesnt help that I couldnt get my hair into that flippy thing, either. Like that guy from that band can do. Some days, y'know..."




(To work the link, scroll down and press the play button next to the word, uh, play. Be warned: mildly offensive lyrics. Don't listen to it if there's a parent in the room.)


Joepoe said...

"When step short of a transvestite", cheap imitations of goths...omg.........I love it. The music sucks, but the song is qute amusing. And where did you find this.......?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I ment to write one step short, not when.

Ali said...

uhh joepoe how many drugs are you on?? i tried to play you this song this morning and you were basically disgusted.

Joepoe said...

I just didn't feel like hearing it. I just wanted to...not hear it then. Now I heard it and it is funny. The music sucks di..s but the words are funny.

Elizzy said...

yay!!! hahaha i <3 that song!!

haha mrs. kersh.. was giving us a funny look today! whoops!

yay for english!! (sorta)

Ello said...