Saturday, April 07, 2007


This says it all, really. And that part where Will smacks his head into the door? That wasnt supposed to happen. He's actually a little concussed right now. Hit in the head with a baseball, got electricuted, and ran into a door. Crazy child.


Joepoe said...

An on-going arguement:

Well let's just see then if I can't figure out where you live.

Things anyone can easily find out about you:

1. Your name is Ali
2. You have a little sister named Emily and a little brother named Will.
3. There is a clear image of what all three of you look like and what your house looks like on the outside and inside and what your yard looks like.
4. Judging by the fact that you appear to be a fairly wealthy white girl and you speak English, I'd say you're American. The times that you did talk (in other movies that is) also show your accent which to me is a dead give away that you are an American
5. Judging by the two Eagles Jerseys (especialy since there are TWO of them) you are a Pennsylvanianer and that proves that you are American.
6. You belong/have belonged to a Girl Scout Troop 243 in Pennsylvania...yeah, like there's more than one of those. And I'm sure there are thousands of girls in your troop so it must be real, real hard to track down your last name.
7. There is also something about Freedom Valley. I'm not exactly sure where that is but I could look it up and I can assume it is in or somewhere near Pennsylvania.
8. You have a wii which proves this is in the present.

Molly Wobbles said...

1. Wii Bowling is so FREAKING easy
2. I think I'M crazy
3. Wii tennis rules my life
4. You should try playing Wii tennis with yourself as all four of the players its challengingly-funtastic!!!
5. Yes, I know that isn't a word
6. Joe, her sister isn't named emily

Ali said...

1. I also own a Yankee's cap and various Detroit Tigers stuffs.

2. Freedom Valley is not a place. It's some stupid girl scouts thing.

3. I'm not wealthy. Look at how I dress!

4. In all my videos i have a very mannish voice or it's sped-up. I don't talk in this one though.

5. I am too old to be a girl scout anymore.

6. OMG, she's so gonna kill you. Everyone always calls her Emily!!

7. At least 80% of youtubers on, oh, i dunno, AMERICAN YOU-TUBE are AMERICAN.

8. My video is also on chinese youtube. I dunno how it got there.

Joepoe said...

Uh...maybe because once something is on the internet it will never ever leave and it can pop up anywhere. Which is the reason that I don't have my own blog. One day when I am rich and famous, my comments will come back to haunt me though. Well...maybe I won't be famous. Chris Metzen isn't really famous. I'll bet he's rich though. By all acounts he should be famous. So many people are familiar with his artwork. They just don't take the time to find out who made it all. Samewise Didier is the same way. (I wonder if I am spelling his name wrong) Anyways, I don't really want to be famous when I grow up. Or rich for that matter. But getting back to you, Ali, I was just trying to make a point as to how dangerous it is to write things on the internet.

Then again, it is a totally new thing. Everyone has a blog now or writes comments or stuff like that. Maybe if we all have stuff that we wrote in the past when we grow up, it will come back to haunt all of us and therefore even out. I'll bet that in thirty years, everyone will be able to find out tons of stuff about everyone else. But since it is everyone, it will really just be the same.

If you don't follow me, basically I am telling you that everything that you have written on the internet will come back to haunt you, but it will happen to everyone else.

Perhaps one day some crazy guy will destroy all the satelites and everything will be forgotten. I wouldn't mind. I could readjust to that.

Joepoe said...

Chinese Youtube? I should check that out. They should also have an Indian Youtube. You know, Bollywood style. Like all the clips would be really emotional and sing-along.

Molly Wobbles said...

Joe, your second comment has made my mood become rather sullen... and sleepy DAMMIT I STILL HAVE HOMEWORK!!!!

Joepoe said...

Wow! Your little brother looks like a little demon child when the cam is blurry. JK, he's cute.

Joepoe said...


I do not have a crush on you, Ali. I am sorry if that breaks your heart, but I highly doubt it does and so I feel no shame in writing it. I don't know who told you that I did, but I don't. And to be honest, I think you would be good with Sam. Aside from the fact that you are both 4'll'' and red-headed and would make a really cute little cupple, I think you have other things going as well. You are both good friends. Anyways...that is all.

Molly Wobbles said...

wooooooooooooooow I missed something...

Joepoe said...

Emily and Messo are taking some sort of strange interest in trying to figure out who I have a crush on. This is probably because they are the two nerdiest girls in the grade and have no life of their own. Well, Emily has a boyfriend...but maybe she's so bored with him that the only interesting thing she can possibly think of doing is trying to figure out who I have a crush on, haha! Then of course, half the time, they try to tell me that I am gay because I wear polos that don't fit me well. Ack! Nerds! Gosh!