Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Those Of You Without A Facebook:


Close up

Can YOU spot the odd Cheez-It?

Surprise attack!!!


nerdjedi said...

This scares me.

And yet, I like it.

Molly Wobbles said...

the anarchy symbol isn't exactly appropriate at this current time ali.

Other than that I have the same opion as tim.

JOEPOE said...

Yeah Anarchists, Daoists, and Libertarians!!!!!!!!!

In other news, you wasted some perfectly good cheese its. Oh, you make me mad!! Didn't your mother ever tell you to not play with your food? You'd better have eaten them, young missy! Well it could be worse. At least it isn't meat. A general rule of thumb that I follow is that all bought meat must be eaten. This is rarely a problem for me.

...Oh, and: Get your own box my a**. I would have ACTUALLY EATEN THEM!!!!