Saturday, April 21, 2007


So guess what time i got up this morning?


Yes, 7 AM. There was a little caffiene involved but otherwise, nothing. I can barely beevle it. And yes, i spelled it that way on purpose.

So to explain the title, i have made a warm-weather-fuled decision.

Many of you may have heart me obsessing over...THE DRESS. For those of you who havent, I'll explain.

See, my sister is going to a bat mitzvah, and about two weeks ago we went to the mall to find her a dress. Now, since I can't be in a mall and not at least try on stuff, i grabbed a couple of things that i liked and went to try them on. Most of the dresses I didnt like, but there was this one that was AMAZING. It was really really lonnnnng and really really flowy and made me look actually skinny and all you guy readers must be drooling from boredom at this point so I'll spare y'all. Anyways, it was absolutley beautiful, and i really wanted it, but it was $70 so my mom said no. She said that it'd be there later and I didnt really need it anyways at this point. So i kinda went, "Yeah, okay," and left the dress there, even though now i've been thinking of it for weeks.

A bunch of stuff happened between then and yesterday and now, and it lead to me making this decision: I am buying the dress. I have to go to the mall today for another thing, so i'm just going to go to the store with my sister and buy it. Auuuugh i'm so excited, even though they probably won't still have it.

This just displays my whimpishness to the highest level, that i feel like it's such a big deal to buy a dress behind my mom's back. But auuugh i'm still so excited. I really hope it's there.

Yahhhhhh. So i'll try and update later to inform you of the sucess of the mission.

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