Thursday, April 12, 2007


Um, Joe, it wasnt ME who thought you liked me, remember? I never thought that. Emily is/was insane and therefore thought that. You're much too shallow to like me. No offense. And that's really more a dis to myself anyways.

In other news....i cut my haaaair! Yayyyy! (Joe, make one comment about the hair and i will kill you.)


Joepoe said...

Huh what? I didn't even notice you cut your hair. Anyways, I agree Emily is insane. IS as opposed to WAS. And so is Messo. They are nerds and yet in their own way, they are one more stupid than the other. Anyways, I just wanted to clear things up because I heard that somebody told you that I liked you and you freaked out or something. Ew is right. And I mean that in the best possible way!

A message to Emily and Messo: just in case you ever read this, you are stupid because you insulted me and then expect me not to insult you back. You should know how you insulted me. Honestly! I know how I insulted you. Anyways, I HAVE changed and I am only annoyed because you keep bringing up that d**n list. That's right! The List! That is quite offensive! I don't know how you don't think it is offensive, but somehow you don't. What? Are you two like prejudice against the people you were offending on that list or something? There are many great people in this world that are you know what. And I am neither great, nor one of them. How would you like it if I made a list of reasons why you are both huge bulldikes? Messo, you will have to explain to Emily what a dike is. Yeah! Right back at you. And any time you two would like to make up and drop the whole thing about the list so I can stop insulting you too and things can just go back to normal, feel free. But you brought up that ridiculous list this morning and if you bring it up again, I will insult you a second time! (Monty Python.) But just let me wear my tight polos in peace. OK?

Also, Ali...Today I saw Roger, the guy that never changes, in the hall. Roger is the senior that wears all those really fancy outfits and is really dirty and wears the same outfit like five days in a row and has orangeish hair. Anyways, he had a Mao jacket on and I thought of you. Ok bye.

Ps, It is a nice hair cut. I hope you realize that people just insult your hair to get a reaction from you.

Ali said...

no insultationing of my friends! *double slap*

don't you love that word? i just made it up. Lol.

Yeah, it's just that we are the two least compatible people on the planet. I love how we're so accepting of this.

I will keep your comment up, thoough, because there may be immense bitchslapping coming your way.

Ali said...

p.s. you spelled dyke wrong.

Joepoe said...

Well hell, I don't go around reading things with that word in it. And if you think we are uncompatible, try comparing me to Joe Yan. Trust me, I have met a lot of people that are much worse. Women. There are many women that I met that are Americans and yet speak a completely different language.

Conservatives-At least I have so many liberal, moderate, and uninformed friends. I REALLY don't go well with conservatives. Nobody from Pennsylvania knows what hardcore conservatives are like anyway. They have never met the two most conservative groups in America: The redneck protestants from the south and the dago catholics from the north. Some of the hardest people to get along with and the root of the reason that I am a libertarian. And you don't realize that I am never serious, do you? I am always joking around. Always. Gosh! Stupid human beings! Why couldn't I be part of a more reasonable race?

Molly Wobbles said...


Ali I want to see your hair!! Cause I didn't like talk to you today!

Ali said...

yeah, i know what redneck conservatives are like. even worse, i know what RICH redneck conservatives are like: my Virginia Beach relative.

Joepoe said...

Then you have dago (a derogotory word for italian americans that i have the right to use) conservatives. Dago conservatives mainly live in cities and only really ever converse with their own race. Some of them literally live in clans. I can name some of their clans. Many of the older ones are veterans of war and relate this war to every other war. They are probably the most patriotic people you will ever meet. It is creepy how patriotic they are. I would say they are the most ethnocentric people of this age. Not to mention the most racist. I know plenty of them. Some of them believe that we should kill all the mexicans, and all those from the middle east. They are all catholics and yes, they all eat tons and tons of food. Believe it or not, they are actually very nice people in comparison to the main line. They are friendly and they are generous. If you can get over the fact that they are 4 times more chauvanistic than I have ever been and if you can get over their conservatism and racism, they are very nice people.

The mafia is the same race. They are the exact same people, but the mafia are criminals. Note the difference. NOT ALL ITALIAN AMERICANS ARE MAFIOSOS OR CRIMINALS. Not even close to all.

Another interesting thing is that the Italian American Mafia is very patriotic towards America, not Italy.

They are the root of the reason that I dislike American Conservatism. Their thirst for blood makes me sick.

Molly Wobbles said...

ha... rednecks... they aren't just down south!