Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blog Story, P12

WARNING: Super shortness alert. The reason? I wrote part 13 before i wrote this one. This is just something that i should have put at the end of 11 but didnt. But it's technically still a part. Expect P13 out tomorrow.


I walked out of the auditorium, laughing with Eric. I don't even think that i remember why anymore. It was a week since our little movies thing (don't you dare say a date), and things had almost regressed back to normal. But why did i choose that word regressed? It had GONE back to normal, because regressed makes it sound like what we had had before was bad. And it definatley wasnt. But...well, let me get to the part that you're concerned about.

The cars were lining up, trying to get out of the bus circle before the rush came, unaware that they had become part of the rush. I was wearing my Elphaba dress and the super-high-heel witch boots that make me taller than Eric (yay for 3 inch heels!). I scanned the freezing parking lot for my parent's car, but they were nowhere to be found. I was really cold in the thin dress, but i didnt dare mention it to Eric or he'd try to somehow get off the army coat thing that he was wearing and give it to me.

"Grrr, where are they?" I said, teeth chattering, jumping up and down and almost falling due to the boots.

"I think i see them over there," Eric said, pulling me over to the corner of the parking lot. No luck. They were nowhere. I leaned against a tree and tapped my foot, trying to keep warm. Eventually Eric started talking. I don't remember about what, besides this:

"Phillips seems to really hate your attempts at "romantic Fiyero," I said, laughing at the teacher's term.

"It's not my genre, the whole happy endings thing. I'm better at being cynical, personally."

"Yeah but..." I kicked a pebble across the lot. "Doesnt everybody sort of want that a little bit? I do...sort of." Why are you telling him this? "I know it's stupid, but..."

"Nah, i guess you're right." That was the last thing i expected him to say.

"Don't think it'll happen to me, though," I said, turning around.

All of a sudden he was really close to me.

"It could happen," he said quietly.

And then it happened.

He leaned toward me slowly, closing his eyes.

This is it.


Sam said...

very short.

i want it to turn out that he's like actually going to kill her.

Elizzy said...


what?? wow sam...that's nice....O.o

it'd be funny if he brought out a snickers or something like in miss congeneality!! hahaha, i would be lotf-ing

yay for 3 inch boots!!!