Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Brief Interlude

So i havent posted anything but pictures or story for a long long while, so in honor of this, i am going to just talk for a little bit. No, don't run!!!

So marching band has been going pretty good, what with fungus and starbursts and will and keegan marching with me...hee. I have also only posted (counting this) 18 TIMES since september. that's a little (or a lot) odd for me. I dyed my hair red, but they dye is wearing off. And although i promised my parents that i wasnt going to do it over and over again...I'm leaning toward dark purple myself. Suggestions, anyone? I went into high school. I have study halls now, which is the awesomest because i have it with ello and catherine and sometimes jeff/shermy. Yesterday ello and i played the longest game of hangman ever. We have yet to hang a man! Guess we're just too dang good. My math teacher is a bit of a snob, but i can deal with that as long as he keeps me in the back row. French is boring, science is awesome for a change, Social Studies is zzzzzzzz but not as boring as french, English is pretty cool cuz we just talk about randomness the entire time, P/E and Health are sucko but what else is new, lunch is still one of my favorite times of the day, Concert Band is great cuz me and molly are the Flutes in the Back (lol), Newspaper is using the freshman reporters as cheap labor (stapling, labeling, mailing papers), and the Flutes of Marching Band are still bringing sexy back. I need to earn $10 by tonight. Any suggestions, people who are not Shermy? I need it for the original broadway recording of rent. They're selling it for $20 on iTunes, and i WANT it!!!!! Oh yeah, i'm babysitting today. Problem solved, since i already have $10 and the 10 tonite will supplement my Rent fund. I'm thinking about trying out for Cinderella. There's no chance i'll get in, but hey, i could try. Now all i have to do is get up the nerve to call them. Maybe today. Then again, maybe tomorrow. Or never. Who knows? I have to go to 2 things of Reckless because shermy and the other jeff are in one cast and sam and kurtness are in the other and molly wants to see kurtness. I don't know if le sam gives a crap if i come or not, but whatevvvs.

And now, to le breakfast.

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Elizzy said...

wow lol

yay for the random discussions in english!! wo0t