Monday, October 16, 2006

Red Light! Green Light! Red Light!

So yes. I actually have the 10th part written down somewhere. i have for a while, actually, but now i just have to find it and tweak it and type it.

a few things i was worried about:

1. I was afraid that the scene where they're trying on dresses might be too confusing, because i kind of had it in my head and i was organizing it like that because i'm better at picturing these things, so it sounded weird with all the "she said" put in. (phew. how's that for a sentance?) I may be a director someday, and i'm better at imagining in all the movement. i got confused a bit. so. yes.

2. I am an avid hater of cliffhangers, and that was accidental. Now i sort of realize how some of the authors who i wanted to strangle for "leaving you hanging" may not have seen it that way. Unless it's the author of those "The Clique" books where the cliffhangers have gotten ridiculously soap-opera-ish, and she's done it tons of times anyways and everything ended up alright so it's stopped being suspenseful. But i digress (cool word!)

3. i just realized that i havent given any physical descriptions of the characters. so i'll add that in, even though i totally don't want to. Also i forgot because, like i said, i'm playing it as a movie in my head.

Miley: Has long brown hair, on the short side but not as short as me, normal weight. Kind of boring-looking, which is why I never bothered with it before.

Eric: About as tall as Miley (it gets specific-er in the next chapter), blonde/brown hair (if you've ever seen my sister it's that color) but more to the blonde side, but i havent imagined him in detail from the shoulders down. So you can draw your own conclusion there.

Luke: One of the only characters i've imagined in detail. Very tall and kind of bulky (not fat) with dark hair, wears baggy clothes (mostly black), kind of stoner-looking.

Vanessa: Also, more in detail than the main characters. Why? I don't know. Brownish black hair, crimped, with different color streaks in it (it varies but usually dark purple) and dresses mainly in black and purple. The outfit i usually see her in is black tights, black skirt, black and purple shirt, bracelet and necklace. Lol this is actually kind of fun. I don't know why.

Jess: Long brown hair, tall, usually dresses in yellow.

Alright so that was my long unnecessary description thing. See you at Part 10!

Also: if you thought that they looked a certain way, tell me. i always find it funny to hear that for some reason.


Sam said...

you probably pictured the minor characters in detail more because in the beginning you are merely envisioning the story, and then when later when you add minor characters you think about them more.

Elizzy said...

it is fun to make descriptions of poeple!! hahaha

sometimes i wish i could download all my thoughts onto the computer, because when you think of something really great you can't always write it the same way you imagined it. gar

Sam said...