Friday, October 06, 2006

Blog Story, P7

"How could he DO this to me?"

"Well, Jess, you werent really going out."

"We PRACTIALLY were. And then he goes and...and...TALKS to her!"

I rolled my eyes, mostly because Jess couldnt see me. I was on the phone, halfway babysitting, halfway working, and putting about .00001% of my energy into comforting Jess. Some guy from Health 2 had IMed her and flirted with her, and then gone and had the complete NERVE to *gasp* TALK TO ANOTHER GIRL!! What a travesty! Not.

I tuned back into the screeching coming out of the phone behind the counter at I-Skreem. Ted was trying to get my siblings and the same friends that they had in there last time to taste-test one of his concoctions, which i had totally watched him make, to make sure he didnt confuse motor fluid with chocolate syrup. We had had a total of ten customers all day. A winter Tuesday afternoon isnt the most popular time for ice cream. Most of the cash flow is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Come on, just try it. It's not going to kill you," Ted said to Blaire. She looked up at me skeptically.

"Nothing that isnt edible to at least one human being on the face of the planet in there," I said. On the other end of the line, Jess yelled "MILEY! Are you listening?"

"Look, i got the gist of it. You're mad. Why don't you talk to him? He must have some explanation."

"I promise that it's really good." Ted handed Blaire the spoon.

"It is NOT really good!" she yelled.

"Oh, i already HEARD his lame explanations. He said that he was asking her for the HOMEWORK. As if!" Jess made a series of outraged noises.

"And you don't beleive him because...?"

"How do you know that it's not really good? You havent even tried it!"

"It looks like guts is why!"

"It does not look like guts! You take that back!"

"Because he didnt tell me about it! He was HIDING something!"

"Guts, guts, guts!"


"EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP!" I screamed, hanging up the phone. The entire place went silent, THANK GOD. The downside was that they were all staring.

Ever have one of those days??


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stfu I have no problem

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XD Nanoburt the second, theres only one mr. Mix for me

btw I got the form and I'll bring it to band

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