Monday, October 30, 2006

Blog Story, P14: The Final Entry

Gotta do this quick, and then i am off to babysit and yell answers to the questions to Who Wants to be a Millionare. What's amusing? The bad hairstyles. What's more amusing? The way me and Leah, the 8 yr old who i'm babysitting, get more answers than the 35+ age people on the show.

Okay comes the end.


"But Bradley...I don't understand. Why don't you want to be with me?" the skinny woman with big brown hair sobbed.

"I'm no good for you, Victoria. I'm no good for anybody anymore." With that, the surfer-esque guy threw himself off of the cliff.


I laughed and clicked the power button on the remote. Most people probably wouldnt laugh at someone jumping into shark-infested waters to their immenent demise.

Then again, i am not most people.


I had a thousand things to deal with after that day. Some were as trivialas just changing where i usually sat at lunch. Others were harder. Dodging the dirty looks given to me by the several ex-girlfriends of and girls who liked Eric. Telling my parents. Not telling Jess.

But it was worth it. HE was worth it.

It's not like he had been pining for me or anything. We annoyed the crap out of each other about 64% of the time. But in the end, it all worked out remarkably well.

I never did see Jess on Broadway. SHe came back in January with a list of things i had done wrong but she was going to forgive me for, being such a kind and generous person. I dropped the friendship right there.

Vanessa and I became better friends, and she started dating Tom from I-Skreem. They both seem to have...exotic taste buds. Vanessa herself took over the postition left by me. That's right, i finally quit. I'm working at the library now, where i can text-messege in peace.

My parents, unfortunatley, are still total workaholics. I;m still babysitting, but much less now that i go out with my musical friends a lot. Yup, i'm a drama geek, and it feels so good.

As for Luke, he backed off, pretty much. Besides a small incedent involving cornering me during lunch and my breaking a tray over his head. I'd rather not go into it. He dumped the blonde girl and now has a Flavor-of-the-Week policy. Rumor has it that Jess didnt take too kindly to this, and stayed in limbo for over three months after they broke up, texting and emailing him before making a public scene and "dumping" him in front of an entire Staples full of people. He reportedly dropped the 10-pack of highlighters he'd been buying in total shock.

And me? Well, things have been going pretty good so far. Eric and I fight, as i said before, but it's never serious. I can never put it better than Vanessa did one day at lunch while we were bickering: "You guys are like the most dysfunctional couple ever. And yet, you're strangely adorable. You're dysfunctiadorable."

It's spring now. Finals are right around the corner. I should probably be studying, but i'm not. I'm sitting in the treehouse in our backyard that my dad built me, back when he had time. It's getting dark now, hard to see.

There's no way that i could document everything that happened between that day in early September when i watched that soap opera to when Eric and i got together to now. There are so many blurry bits and pieces that drift away when i try to grab them and slep them down here in balck and white.

Because i've found that nothing is ever all black and white. Nothing is ever certain.

The best way to describe it, i guess, is how when I was hanging out with Eric a few months ago, I remembered something he had said months ago.

"Hey," I said to him, sitting up straight. "I thought this wasnt your genre."

"What?" He looked confused.

"Happy endings."


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yay! happy ending!!

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