Friday, November 03, 2006

Just In Case You Were Wondering.

This is Mandy.

Mandy, meet my readers.

Readers, Mandy.

She was the inspiration for my blog name change. Make sure to read the little subtitle thing. The name of the blog is "I Missed You...But My Aim Is Improving." I may just end up changing it alltogether so that people don't get creeped out.


So just FYI, that is a quote from Mandy. In case you don't know, she is from the best cartoon ever, "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy." She has the best quotes. Like, ever.

Today, i am sick. I keep having these really odd stomach pains that make it hard for me to stand. It's like every time i breathe, something hurts. And that's getting really old, cuz breathing is just SLIGHTLY necessary.

I keep seeing all these commercials about that weird movie called "Borat" that the guys in my Algebra 1B class talk about when they're not doing bad South Park impressions. Now they're doing the accent. I think the director (sasha cohen, i think) is the same one who made Marie Antionette. She is SO cool. Anyways, this movie. It's filmed like a documentary, but the dude is fake. Also, you can't tell weather or not the people that the dude is talking to are actors or not. It's all quite confusing. And very sexist. And insulting.

And yet, strangley funny.

Also, i started writing a story for my cousin. It was supposed to be a christmas present. He's 12, so it's about superheros. Or it was supposed to be. Still is, too, but it got a little like ish. So tell me if i should post the first part. It's a tad stupid but not as stupid as it could be.


Elizzy said...


aww, i missed u in world lit...:'(
it just wasn't the same without you!

hehehe yay for stories!! i've been having this huge urge to write recently...but this is as close as i get, i have no time!! gah!!

Molly Wobbles said...


btw I'm not telling you anymore gossip because you'll just go and tell sam!!!! RAWR sam thought I was spreading rumors