Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My System

This is how I read my books: I start out with Without You (autobiography of Anthony Rapp where everyone dies). When that gets too depressing, I turn to Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. As soon as Nick starts talking (and generally emo-ing all over the place), i go to Inkspell. When that gets confusing, I either A. Go back to the first book, Inkheart, and look up whatever it was and then continue, or B. go back to Nick and Nora. If neither of those are too depressing, after a while, I go back to Without You.

I have recently realized that i must be a very annoying person to watch a movie with. A few minutes ago (20 to be exactly exact) i finished watching Men in Black (it was on TV) for the first time with my brother and sister, during which i kept commenting on the ugliness of the suits and why the heck the aliens always have to take the GIRL and put a gun to her head instead of shooting the guys who are standing there like "Derrrr", and i kept figuring out the plot before stuff actually happened because movies are intensely predictable and yelling out "OOH! I know what's gonna happen!" and telling my bro and sis what was going to happen and then i held a pillow in front of my head for the last ten or so minutes of the movie until they thought the alien was dead but then he was moving and i started yelling "He's coming up behind you! He's coming up behind--" and then it popped up and i gave a piercing shreik and hid my face in the couch. Then they changed the suits at the end and guess what? They were uglier.

Cousins are coming 2morrow. Yerg.


Molly Wobbles said...

see a doctor about that ali...

Ello said...

i'm annoying when watching movies too: i always have to comment on all the crap

Elizzy said...

i'm also an annoying person to watch moveis with, i never shut up

when my sister and i were watching the 1st LOTR movie, i kept saying 'his eyes are SOOO blue!!!' ever time the did a close up of...well, whatever the main hobbit's name was, it was like 7 months ago, anyways, i think my sister was ready to suffocate me with my blank, a very comfy down blanket to be exact