Friday, November 10, 2006

The Light Eternal *vomits*

I hate the name of this song. That right there tho is the cool part where the flute 1's goes e flat e flat e flat e flat then the other flute 1's go d d d d d d d and then most flut 2's go some other note, and me and molly do f sharp since we're different like that! Tim photoshopped that picture, and heeeere it is, in all of it's awesomeness:


Today my brother had Cameron sleep over. Actually, i guess that would be yesterday. But he's still here. So now it's today.


Will jumped on me from on top of a couch. It hurt, considering that i was on the floor and he jumped like a stage dive from a good distance above me.


I really so want to write a blog story. Another one, i mean. But i can't think of anything to write about. I have the first scene sitting here in my head, but i don't know if i should materialize it or not. I also have to think of a title. Maybe I'll do "I Want Candy" cuz that's the song i was listening to when i got the idea. But i tried, and I Want Candy won't fit onto a scrabble thing!! I know that you have no clue what i'm talking about. But just go with it.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.


Pretty much, here's what happened: Cameron and will were playing Scrabble. Cameron decided that the word "nag" was spelled with a K. He seriously wouldnt give up. Then i said "Oh, and you spelled "liar" wrong" and then he got mad.

Just had to post that, along with the insane music above. And the fact that i am so glad that we don't have school today. Because i do NOT need newspaper class today. Or the bus. I'm really beginning to dislike the bus. We have a lot of jocks and a lot of popular kids, so the noise gets so loud that even my iPod can't drown it out anymore. The morning is a little better, but there are still all these guys doing bad South Park impressions. Or now actually they do bad Borat impressions.

Another thing i can't stand is gym. I'm never going be athletic. Or a gym teacher. Or a gym...nest. Okay, i'm done.


Anonymous said...

how doth the little crocodile?

Elizzy said...

lol, who does like gym??

same w/my bus...except Hillary rides it and she's cool, my neighbor is cool too, and i hav another neighbor who's cool but he gets driven to school

yay no school today!!!

Molly Wobbles said...

ali, I want your flute.

btw we play an f and the people play an E flat tsk tsk tsk