Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Dunno if i spelled that right.

I have all of chapter 3 and most of chapter 4. Chapter 4 is fun to write, because i introduce Emmalee and Erin, twin sisters extrordanaire. It's cool because...well i won't ruin it. It's just that they're twins but they're not drones, and they have very fun personalities to write about. Emmalee is an evil bitch fairie of death, and Erin is her brainless yes-girl, A.K.A. her Jules. Long story.

So my french teacher finally cracked. Screamed a bunch. I laughed. Then we did some thing in social studies where we divided up into three groups to represent the religious devisions in Iraq. We had the Sports Players (Shiites), the Musicians (Kurds, i was part of this group), and the Miscellaneous (Sunnis). We had to have different languages and different beleifs and a leader/spokesperson.

Now, i am not exactly the most outspoken in class because some of the people intimidate me. But when i'm with a bunch of the "musicians", they're all my friends or people who i'm not afraid of. So since i talk the loudest of all of them, i made most of the rules. And when mr. holmes said "pick your spokesperson", they all picked me except stu cuz he wanted to be it. *sticks out tounge*. but seriously, even travis picked me, and one of the rules that i made was "travis may not talk under any circumstances." then guys acted like borat and kissed behind mr. holmes's back and a girl started speaking Iclandic..

Just another average day.

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Molly Wobbles said...

MEH!!!!! I say finch!!!! :o oooo I talked to him again today!!!! that made me happy!!!! Then I became depressed when I remembered... SWEENY TODD AUDITIONS and I FREAKED OUT I'm more relaxed now though... but I REALLY REALLY NERVOUS!!!!!!!