Saturday, November 25, 2006


We are...the white hot chilly penguins!!! "I'm the hot. He's the white." lol ignore that.

We are...stupid. They put the entire drumstick in my room. Wait drumstick?? Drum SET. now they wanna move my stero and i'm like "in a word, no. in two words, no way."

We are...the most insane family ever. Not really. Us kids are insano. We have listened to Fergalicious 77 times on the compy and at least 30 on the cd that i stupidly made. Now i have to do "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along." I also have to take a shower but i can't until like forever because emma is in one and abby is in the other. Then I'm going to try to bribe someone with a license to take me to the WaWa for batteries. It's only like a mile away. I could walk but it's on a huge curvy hilly road. If one of my aunts or uncles say "walk there" i will scream.

We are...taking so many pix on my phone. But we need to take one on my camera since my fone has crappy quality. Luke is wearing a marching band coat and hat. Andy is wearing sunglasses. Abby is going to wear my tinkerbell costume (if i can find it) and a side ponytail. Emma is wearing a plaid skirt, jeans, a gray shirt, purple lipstick and a "nose ring" that's actually a stick-on rhinestone. I'm wearing the dress i wore to the dance, my superhigh tops, a tie and an army hat. Oh, and lipstick.

We are...ready to go. Byeaz!


Sam said...

once again.


Ali said...


Elizzy said...

sam's comment is funny (i wrote commet at first but then i changed it...)

yes, interesting cousins u hav, i wish mine were (sometimes, except for pumpkin smashing) but no, i hav to hind in teeny tiny under-the-stairs closets and hold the door shut when the 2 4-yr-old boys come bang on it and try to open it and turn off the light then run away laughing....and then i open the door, turn on the light, close the door again and then they do it again

Molly Wobbles said...

haha ali's smoking hyperness lol

guess what!!! Abrecrombie and Finch talked to me today!!!!! for the first time since the monday before thanksgiving!!!! X333333 I heart him VARY VARY VARY MUCH!!!!!!