Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This is Dory. I am using her as a visual aid in the following blog post.
Dory and I are very similar. Not because I'm a fish, which is what Will said. Or because her eyes are a really cool magenta color. No, we're similar because we both have some sort of short term memory loss.
I'm dead serious. Three times of seeing Reckless and i can practically recite it from memory. I can do the same things with books I've read only once or twice. But if you ask me something else like what i said on this day and blah blah blah, I'll have no idea what you're talking about.
Two examples: 1) Molly says that I was ignoring her. I have been accused like 5000000000 times of ignoring people, but it's because of this: I'll be walking with say Molly at that Cornicopia thingy and I'll see Elizzy and remember something i have to tell her so then i'll walk away from Molly and start talking to Elizzy and by the time i'm done talking we'll be in a whole different gym and I'll have forgotton who I was talking to ten minutes before. Then I'll remember but i'll see soemone else and the whole process starts all over again. Also, if i am thinking about something else and someone is talking, i can zone out so totally that i don't hear the person. Not that i'm ignoring them, i just seriously don't HEAR them, i'm that zoned out.
2) Unnamed Friend said that I told him that i think i like someone. I have no memory of this and try to think back to when this may have happened, and i have no idea who i would have been talking about, and then i start freaking out because OMG what if i do like someone but i FORGOT and that's a bit of a scary thought and then Unnamed Friend goes "why won't you just tell me" and i'm panicking because i have no idea when i said that or about who.
So goes the tale of my Dory-like memory. Oh and also just to adress this: I am good at keeping secrets, i really am, as long as they're actually secrets. like who you like or something. I don't tell people about people liking other people, because that's stupid and mean. If it's something like someone broke up, that's not really a secret, so i'm a little less concerned about keeping it because everyone will know in like five seconds anyways. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

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yay Dory!! and yay for tasty pretzles at cornucopia