Thursday, November 23, 2006

Early Postage


Hello, sun.

Oh wait.

My mistake.

There is no sun.

There is rain.

I don't want to go to marching band.

I don't want to go anywhere.

I want to stay where I am, which is sitting down here in my "living" room (most living does not go on here, as you're not even allowed to put your feet on the couches) in flannel pj pants and a big fleece blanket.

Cousins are coming today.

The potatoes have grown evil little mutants.

Oh wait.

My dad says they're called eyes.

My brother just came. He says hello. Then he asked my dad why he was chopping up erasers.

They weren't erasers.

They were sweet potatoes.

And now i will give you the cousin lowdown in order of age: Andy Luke Abby Thomas Ashton Jake Kyle Ryan. All of the A's are siblings, luke and thomas are siblings, and the last three are siblings. Ages range from 14 (me) to 1 (ryan). That's right. I am the oldest. That is not not not not good.

Because guess who gets blamed for all of the chaos?


Chapter 3 is taking a while, srry about that one.

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Molly Wobbles said...

your comment made less sense than you usually do