Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hiss List:

1. My hair. I got it cut. First it looked all flippish and odd but it was straight and semi-okay-looking. Now it looks like SPAZ out at the end and poofish.
2. Adults. They listen to nothing that you say ever. Ex: last night i went to my brother's friends house with my family. I had just eaten lunch, but the adults kept bugging me: Eat the pizza. Eat a quesadilla. Eat the cookie. So i had a piece of pizza and felt so awful for the rest of the night that i sat on a really uncomfortable bench and stared at a plastic bug for an hour and a half straight just to keep from throwing up.
3. Our government. My brother is nine, and he has identified himself as a Republican. Nine. Effing. Years. Old. I took a quiz and it said that i was liberal, but I'm 14! That's different!! Plus, i refrain from identifying myself as anything but "purple", because my entire family is pretty much Republican, which i don't get.
4. The total lack of AA batteries in our house. That one's self-explaintory.
5. The people obsessing over who MF is. Look, i'm not going to tell you, especially if A. You are male or B. You are my friend. Because i don't want to narrow it down at all, cuz then people can figure it out. i will not say yes, it was him, but that doesnt mean it wasnt. I will not say, no, it's not him, but that doesnt mean it is. Got it? Good.

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Jeff said...

Go liberals!