Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dreams #2

I was reading over a post about the strange dreams i had while at my grandma's house (written July 5, titled "Dreams") yesterday. Then i came back from marching band at midnight, fell into bed, and had the oddest dream. When i woke up, i wrote it all down in meticulous detail so i could analyze it later.

Basically it sums up as this: I drove down to my old neighborhood in Maryland with most of my friends, plus some random marching banders. Hee marching banders. Ran up to my old house with Molly and a male friend of mine and also Zoe. Zoe rang the bell and a guy came out and yelled at me because i had somehow picked up one of his flowerbeds (the entire flowerbed, these really fake pink and yellow flowers). He was wearing a pink shirt. There was a lot of pink, actually. Anyways. We went up and somehow got in a fight with the pink shirt guy and this nice guy who he was bossing around a lot over the car keys. Then Molly and Zoe disappeared, and it was just me and the male friend. The keys somehow got into all of these tubas and trumpet. Me and the male friend went, "It's a trap!" and ran away from the instruments cuz we thought they were going to explode (my dreams are very illogical). But then they didnt explode and we got the keys. Then we somehow ended up in an ice cream place, only all the ice cream was weird, chocolate and vanilla squares with some strawberry in bowls. MF (male friend) was sitting on a table, and we were talking to the nice guy, and all of a sudden i kissed him. Then he kissed me like five times. have i mentioned that i have no romantic interest in this guy AT ALL??!?!??! That was odd enough. But then i ended up walking around in school with Frances, only it was MIDDLE school, and i saw MF and smiled and started singing "Christmas Bells" from rent. Frances and i walked down the stairs of the school into my living room, where MF was sitting on the couch. I sat down with him, and there was a projector-type thing projecting my AIM buddy list onto the ceiling. So i laid down on the couch and looked at it, and there was a super long name i didnt recognize, but i thought it might be this guy in my study hall. I typed, "Who Are You?" and sent it to the long screenname. Then MF turned to me and said. "You already know who it is. Why are you asking?"

Then i woke up.

I know that was super long, but it was DISTURBING!! So now, to analyze...arg. I looked on the site and they have like nothing. Shouldnt "Pink" be a catagory? grrr. It was all just very very odd and the end probably meant something too.


Molly Wobbles said...

Ali when you tell someone gossip its common curtosy NOT to tell someone the name of the person that told you!!!! Because of you sam is madd at me, YES with TWO FRIGGING D's...

Sam said...


tee hee.

Anonymous said...

this is sam