Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Boredom and How Crazy It Can Make You

okay so will is here and he is bored. When will is bored he starts to beat on me and my sister. so i decided to let them post on my blog instead of throwing each other. Okay? Okay. As per usual, will is orange, emma is purple.

everybody stinks that means you ali's freind. BHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!MULE pelvick thrust!!! you are repugnent. (that was the part that he typed. then i jsut started typing whatever he said.) AAAAH (sasquatch yell). Uhh, you can yell 'master' i guess. Oh yeah, and i need to type something. (will typing) whoever is reading this Ali is weird. (me typing) Reading me? Uhh sure. Alright, it's emma's turn.

Emma, it's your turn. Emma. Emma! She's being beaten. Emma, you can write now. Okay, here she comes. Will, get off her leg.

He's trying to attack my leg! it's funny. but that sounds gross. Will, stop trying to attack my leg. *sounds of mass fighting* OW! You little--! *screams something incomprehensible that i can't type fast enough to get* You little twit...you...you toot like a fruit! (?????) It seemed right at the time cuz it rhymed. Hey, that rhymes too! Time, rhyme...not really. (okay now emma is going to type.) i am mass restler! Brother to annoying, cant stand wierdness, must fight back!!!! Srry bout that dog, but yeah watever. Bored......Bye Peoples. Two JEFFSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, that was counterproductive. let's see, let's see...ooh quotes from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Yay! But there's too many, so i'll just put my fave:

"It's you and me against the world. We attack at dawn."--Mandy


Sam said...

i'm no superman

Sam said...

okay so i finished chapter two of imperfection.

it's a nice twist (the end i mean) and i like the last few lines.

but still she sounds almost exactly the same. I'm not complaining, I was just wondering if maybe you've considered adding a new type of character.