Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Little Stuff (WTM??) a.k.a pictures.

Remember the pointless water pot thing from the P 11? Well, it exists. Sitting right there on my fireplace, rountinley knocked over. It actually does make a noise loud enough to be heard through the walls.

This is what i was wearing while writing P9, 10 and 11. Purple lipstick and a Detroit Tigers baseball hat. It just makes me write better, even if it does look odd. This looked especially funny with what i was wearing yesterday, which was a skirt and boots. That hat gives me the worst hat hair ever.

A shot of my nail polish bag. Just thought it looked cool.


Elizzy said...

lol, nice writing gear!

interesting watery can thing (at first i thought of a plastic watering can i was like, wtf?)

Sam said...

that's cool.

i always wear one of those wristbands when i write that says "apapthy".

Molly Wobbles said...


KIMBO BIMBO! said...

the picture of the nail polish looks like a secret bag of.. no.. it can't be.. IT IS!!! DRUGS!!!! haha