Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Distracted Post

Guess what?


I dunno what, just stuffs.

some annoying guidence councelor lady came to world cultures today. she was loud and obnoxious. hey wouldnt it be funny, like you know how you shorten world literature to world lit, if world cultures was world cult?? teehee...not really.

then yeah it'd be like yeah.

i'm so distracccted

tsk shermy and his procrastination skills. not as good as MY skills.

Procrastination and otherwise.


Me and Will have been messing around on the compy bcuz we have been BANNED from watching the office cuz apparently it's a distraction. whatEVER.

I slapped somebody with three trout today!!

Is that the trout of plural? I mean wait...plural of trout(s)?

Uncle Sas is awesome.

Ok just so you don't get all confuse(d er than you are), my brother is making sasquatch references, specifically from this site. He's skeptical of my link-making skills.


The following typed by will with his nose. Well, gtg. Dinner calls.


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