Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quadradic Formula

Algebra really puts the world in perspective.

I mean, seriously.

I thought that I had no social life. What loser sat aound figuring out that x=-b plus or minus the square root of bsquared-4ac over 2a? Or that if the discriminate is less than zero there is no real solution? Or whatever the hell that was?

I'll tell you who: nerds from like 600 B.C., back when there was no TV. My question: who even CARES?!?!?!?

Bianca just said IMHO. What does that even mean? It looks like I'm ho. Lol, like in Michigan...long story...see previous blog entries...it's int there somewhere...Oh. In my humble opinion. Well, that makes no sense at all. What, you're going to say "In my pretentiously self-important opinion" instead? I actually like that one better. Hee.

I decided to join my sister in drawing, which was a mistake. Seriously, that girl can make a pencil-y Paris Hilton look realistic AND not as slutty at the same time. Which is pretty much a miracle. So there was this picture of this girl who won America's Next Top Model in this really awkward-looking position with her arms all up over her head and stuff, but i decided to draw that cuz there were no hands involved. And after something like three hours, the body looks decent, but she's a brunette from all the mistakes that i figured "Hey, put hair over it instead of erasing it!" and has the distinct expression of someone who drank five glasses of wine for breakfast. ARG.

And now, back to right triangles.


Ello said...

ahaha evil midterms
its 2:30 and i havent started studying yet
dag nabit

Frances =) said...

And...wow...what happened to your blog?

Molly Wobbles said...


I need to go study... BYE!

Jeff said...

Yes. I mean no. I mean yes.

A^2 + B^2 = C^2.

Joepoe said...

I hate the damn quadratic formula. I hate everything about Algebra. I hate x. I never cared nor will I ever care nor does any employer care nor will any employer ever care about what x is or if I know how to find it. x=your mom.
And they have tried to teach me this stuff. I mean you got DP (DP as in Depiano, not the other thing, but it's still funny that i'd call him that). Yeah, he was a nice guy and all but he could not teach. All he could do was figit. Then you have Poche, who could do the algebra well, but could not explain it. Not to mention his horrendous pronunciation of words. (Parenthisis). The fact is, nobody cares about the quadratic formula. The nerds of 600 years ago should have kept it to them selves. Allong with the stupid golden rectangle that nobody cares about.

x can go F itself

So can the quadratic formula

Molly Wobbles said...

I heart the quadratic formula...

very much

I actually understand it

Joepoe said...

Damn Algebra Nerds and you x!

Joepoe said...

Whoops. I forgot the r in your

Joepoe said...

Nerds, this is serious.

How do you find the geometric mean of two numbers. Like say...4 and 16?

Molly Wobbles said...


Molly Wobbles said...

I must admit that I got help

Joepoe said...

But How did you do it?

JOEPOE said...

I figured it out. You multiply the numbers and then take the root. Thanks.