Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reality TV

Okay, so i KNOW everyone's already bitched about it, but now it's my turn: I hate reality shows. Not all of them, but most of them, and all of them on MTV. Things like My Super-Sweet Sixteen and Made, where all these kids do is WHINE, or the Hills and Next and Laguna Beach, where everything is so scripted it's ridiculous. There was also this thing on the news where people from reality shows would talk about how fake everything is, like when they live in a house the walls are paper-thin and how relationships started there never work or how stuff is edited in so it sounds like something happened that didnt.

Like on the Real World. Mel and Danny? Anyone remember them? I do, because that's the only season i ever followed. Well, they got engaged after the season ended, but seriously, if they get married, they'll be divorced in like two seconds. Because seriously. It's not the same when you're not living in a house cut off from the rest of the world in the Keys or wherever they were living at the time.

Two reality shows that i do like: American Idol (I'M SORRY but it's freaking ADDICTING) and America's Next Top Model (because nothing is funner than watching these girls bitchfight. And plus they have these ridiculous "challenges" like walking through heels in cobblestones and crossdressing and stuff that would never happen in what they call "the fashion world (like it's a whole other planet, which let's face it it sort of is) but are pretty damn funny anyways)


This is an amazing song. Seriously. Like, if an acid trip was translated into music, this is what it would sound like. If you're impatient, fast-forward to about halfway through. That's when people start singing. (Song is Plainsong by The Cure.)

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Joepoe said...

In my case, I just got basic cable two weeks ago, but I still understand. Worst of all are the shows where they help people with their house and stuff. It is wonderful that they do it, but who wants to watch that? Another form of shows I really hate are the "forensic/who's the murderer shows" and the "how do we cure this dude shows." I mean one or two is all right but there's dozens of them. The only really good "Who's the murderer show" is "Monk" because Monk reminds me of Mr. Hampton. You'd have to have seen it. Back to the reality shows, one of my favorite shows is "The Office," which is a spoof on reality TV or something like that. The original English version is not that great, but the American version is really funny.

PS The song sounds like it is using wind chimes. As in the ones that hang on your back porch. I like to ring them.