Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If You Give A 9-Year-Old Doctor Who...

"I bet I could beast Tim at Doctor Who trivia."

"Um, Will, no you can't. Trust me on this. You really can't."

"Yeah I could."


"See, I'd get like two questions right, and then whenever he tries to say something, I'll throw CD's in his mouth."

"What two things would you get right?"

"His name is the doctor, and he kills stuff with his magic pen."

"That's not what it's called. Something with screwdrivers. I don't know what, but definatley not that."

"Oh. Well, one question. YEAH!! GUNS!!"

....an Ali and Will production.


Joepoe said...

Why throw CD's? Why not throw rocks, bombs, shuriken, or...other things...at him. I mean, CD's can't be that effective. Anyways, where were you today?

(I just got this crazy idea. Try reading all my comments and picturing me saying them in that annoying, arrogant accent of mine, annunciating the t's) creepy, isn't it.

Molly Wobbles said...


Joe, I suspect you...

joepoe said...

Watcha Wa! Ha! That's what the Asians say when they throw punches and kicks and shuriken.

If I offended you with the Asian stuff, you can go fu...