Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rainbow Twizzlers: The Fruitiest Snack On Earth!

From the people who made Backyard Soccer, Backyard Baseball, and Backyard Hockey, a new installment that is much more beneficial to the normal child's future.....BACKYARD REVOLVER.

In this educational adventure, your children will learn how to play fun-filled games such as Hit and Run, How To Conceal a Weapon, Armed and Dangerous, Shoot the Bottle, and Guerrila Warfare. Young children will also learn How to Hotwire a Car and Stealing and Operating a Tazer, all for five easy payments of $12.99!!

**NOTE: This video game does not actaully exist. Shocking, I know, but people are spazzes.**

.....An Ali and Will production.


Ello said...


Joepoe said...

That sounds like Talllllllllibannn cult thing.
(Note: butchered spelling is due to paranoia)

Joepoe said...

Paranoia of Bush and the government...not the Tallllllllibannnnn.

joepoe said...

Why did you destroy your previous entry?

nerdjedi said...

Um... wow?

Anonymous said...

this is sam: