Saturday, January 06, 2007


Guess what's yummy? Caffine.

Guess what's yummier? Superman.


%0 <-----high smiley

XP <-----dead smiley

@=) <-----Donald Trump smiley (ya fired!!)

=)-B--D--< <-----smiley wearing a bikini (i can't fully take credit for this one. It was luke's idea. Although he didnt say it was wearing a bikini.)

I=( <-------smiley w/a unibrow

8=) <-----mickey mouse smiley

@@@@@@=) <-----marie antionette smiley.

Now that i'm sure i've thoroughly annoyed quite a few people, au revoir!!!


Le francais for edit.

Awesome warm day. I wore a short skirt (with shorts under it lol cuz i was climbing things) without leggings or tights for the first time in like forever. Also a tank top, but then i got yelled at and had to change.

Wind It Up is a funny song. Yodeling!!!! Gwen Stefani is so random. "I know he thinks you're fun and stuff, but does he know how to wind you up?" And then she says "Heeeeeellll yeeeaaaaahh" just like Stu. If stu was a girl. And plus i got some stupid rap by Jay-Z. It's on his latest coming-out-of-retirement album. How many of those have there been so far? Three? Four? WOW he's been credited on something like 36 albums counting singles. Jeez. No wonder he keeps trying to retire. Anyways, all they say on that song is like "Show me watcha got little mama, show me whatcha got, SHORTAAAY!"

Dinner calls. Byeaz

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