Sunday, March 18, 2007

*Does Happy Dance*

Ice Cream+Less Mellow Joss Stone=Happy!!


So i found one of those stupid pass-it-on quizzes on facebook and decided to put it here while i wait for my vh1 to download. w00t w00t!

1. Real name: Alison (yech. when i see that name, i always break it up into three pieces, like Al Is On. Like there's this party or something and there's this fat dude plugged into the wall dancing, and two other guys walk by and say "Dude, you left your Al on. Um. Anyways....)

2. Nickname: Ali

3. Status: single. derm da derrrm.

4. Zodiac sign: leo!! *roars and does manic lion impersonation*

5. Male or female: female. again, der.

6. Hair color: naturally brown but dyed red...and then it turned orange. I quite like the color, acutally. Much better than my purple streaks.

7. Long or short → short! and after all those years as a kid being like "I want hair long enough to braid!" but then i found out that it made me look like a brunette heidi...

8. Are you health freak → God no.

9. Height → 5 foot none

10. Do you have a crush on someone →eh. i guess you could call it that. nothing major.

11. Do you like yourself → we are our own hardest critics, but i think i'm okay.

12. Piercings → ears. i wish i had a nosering though...

13. Tattoos → I wish. Not anything extreme, but i know what, exactly: something small and kinda girly on my lower back. Script, maybe? Lol it's a rebel fantasy.

14. Righty or lefty → Righty


15. First surgery → never

16. First piercing → ears

17. First best friend → Morgan!!!! *insert superginormous hug here*

18. First award → T-Ball trophy back in the Mary Land, although it was a boy's team so it was a dude on the trophy.

19. First sport you joined → T Ball. Hahahaha.

20. First pet → anastasia. Yes, i named my goldfish anastasia. I was five years old. It wasnt THAT abnormal, though. I saw the movie.

21. First vacation → *thinks superhard* ummmmmmmmmm....geez...i THINK it was to the outer banks when i was turning ten...that was my first big vacation.

22. First concert → performing or seeing? Seeing was...i'm so sorry but....the american idol one. i was literally tricked into going. performing in was elementary school playing that ginormous cello.

23. First crush → this kid named Brandon back in Maryland in first grade. We played Superheros on the playground. He was Superman and I was Wonderwoman. It was SUCH a love connection. ;P


24. Eating → sunflower seeds

25. Drinking → water. Tim will be proud.

26. I'm about to → strangle vh1

27. Listening to → Oh. It started. So, i'm listening to Beautiful Liar by Shakira and Beyonce. They don't sell it on iTunes; it's on my vh1 playlist.

28. Waiting for → myself to get tired.


29. Want kids? →Well, it depends. I don't know if i would be a good mom or trust myself with another human being's life in the first place.

30. Want to get married? → I suppose it would be nice, but i'm worried i'd get bored. Maybe if the right person came along.

40. Careers in mind? → Author. Actress. Director. Writer for anything. Fashion designer. Oh, shoot, i went straight to forty!! And thirty!! oopsies.

WHICH IS BETTER WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: (huh?? okay are you really topic-starved right now?)

41. Lips or eyes → oh, wait. you're talking about PREFERENCES. ohhhhkaaayy....i have no idea. I guess lips, for obvious reasons.

42. Hugs or kisses → hugs if you're not going out, kisses otherwise.

43. Shorter or taller → you gotta understand, for a guy to be shorter than me, well, i'd get a little weirded out. So i'm saying same height or taller.

45. Romantic or spontaneous → Well, it depends. Does spontaneous mean pulling out a gun and shooting people in the middle of dinner? Can't you be both romantic AND spontaneous?

46. Nice stomach or nice arms → I don't really care, either way. If I HAD to choose? Stomach. But that's pretty hypocritical.

47. Sensitive or loud → Not supersensitive, but not obnoxiously loud.

48. Hook-up or relationship → Relationships. Random hook-ups annoy the crap out of me.

49. Trouble maker or hesitant → Definatley not hesitant. I am not a hesitant person. But i dont' want someone who's like "Let's rob a bank!!!"


50. Kissed a stranger → No. That'd be pretty awkward.

51. Drank bubbles → OMG, no, but one time i accidently inhaled a bubble (i'm not joking) that was supposedly chocolate flavored and it BURNED the back of my throat. WHY DO YOU MAKE IT FLAVORED IF YOU CANNOT EAT IT?!?!?!?

52. Lost glasses/contacts → I'm horrible with keeping track of my glasses.

53. Ran away from home → hahaha when i was little i would always get all pissed off and pack up my backpack and say i would run away forever. But then i'd get bored or hungry or distracted before i finished packing, and for the rest of the week i'd be like, "Where's that toy again? Oh, yeah, i packed it up."

54. Broken somone's heart →Not cognativley. Like, if i have, i don't know about it.

55. Been arrested → The closest i've been is this time that me and all my cousins were playing at the church preschool playground, and nothing there had been fun since we were about 11, so we were looking around for fun stuff. So my cousin Ryan finds this tree branch hanging off of this, well, tree (der) right near this little playhouse thingy, and we were swinging on it...when all of a sudden this cop walks up and starts yelling at us!!! THE NUNS CALLED THE COPS ON US!!!!

56. Turned someone down → nope. Been turned down, though.

57. Cried when someone died → yes, der.

58. Liked a friend → *sighs* yeaaaahhh.


59. Yourself → *pokes number 11*

60. Miracles → it'd be nice, I suppose.

61. Love at first sight → that'd be nice too, but i'm pretty sure that's just called thinking someone is hot.

62. Heaven → i suppose.


64. Kiss on the first date → if you like each other, i guess.

65. Angels → again, it'd be nice.


66. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → actually...more than one. *slinks off into corner*

67. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → That's mean.

AHA!!! IT'S FINALLY FREAKING OVER!! Why did i even do that?


Joepoe said...

A message to Ali's sibblings: Sam Auston kissed Ali.


I know!

It is gross!

So I would like really appreciate it if you were to annoy her as much as you possibly could. But don't tell your parents cause' then she'll get really, really mad at me. Ok bye!

Ali said...

*slaps joepoe upside the head.*

1.) I have explained the fact that it was a stage kiss to all parties involved besides my actual family, who i didnt tell about it at all.

2.) my siblings don't read my blog, i just get bored and let them post occasionally.

3.) You spelled his name wrong.

Joepoe said...

My name is Ali and I am a woman seeking a man.

What turns you on, Ali?-the stomache.

Yes, yes! That's what YOU sound like! Though, to be perfectly honest, if I were one of those poor single 35 year old men seeking a woman through an internet connection, you sound like you would definitly be an interesting person. And now, I will answer the questions that interest me:

Nickname: Joe Poe/mothmouth/sausage

Gender: Male

Do you have a crush on someone: yes

Do you like yourself: I love myself. That's why I am the way I am! Though I definitly have some regrets and flaws.

First crush: You know, on second thought I don't want to answer this one. I am like so totally over it! And the one after that! Currently I am on my third.

Currently eating-Anything

Drinking-Milk, water, and selzter and that's it.

Lips or eyes-definitly eyes. Only idiot men obsess over lips. Like the idiots that like Angalina Jolie. IDIOTS!

Hugs or kisses-I believe hugs are more powerful.

Shorter or taller-I like both. I also have a fetish for short girls. No, not you.

Nice stomache or arms-when given the choice between a or b, the answer is almost allways c. That being said, I'd have to go with a nice butt. And the question should definitly be stomache or FACE! In which case I would go with face. Butt, face, stomach. That is my order.

Broken someone's heart-I don't think so.

Been arrested-No comments

Turned someone down-YES! As a matter of fact, this is the whole reason that I wrote this. So I could brag to you. Tommorow I am going to ask you out and you are going to turn me down. I will do this just so you can say that you have turned a man down before.

Do you believe in heaven-I am a daoist. Interpret that however you want

Do you believe in love at first sight-You must know a person's personality in order to love them. This is fact. That being said, if you were to know a person, and then see them for the first time, that would be love at first sight.

Santa Clause-Yes I do. I believe that santa is a bad guy that enslaves the poor elves and sells elf labor toys to major toy companies and that the toy companies keep this a secret and then sell toys to parents who put them under their children's trees. I also believe that somehow this story got out, but it was changed over time and santa became a good guy that gives presents to children rather than an elf-enslaver in cohoots with toy factories like Fisher Price.

Kisses on a first date-Absolutely. I am a liberal!

Do you believe in Angels-daoist

Is there someone you want to be with right now-just one. You're a slut ali. JK. You are a good person.

Had more than one girlfriend at a time-no, but I have friends that have. That currently do...

So anyways, those were the questions I found interesting enough to answer.

I am a man seeking a woman who I love, who would love me, and who would have sex with me and who would be a liberal. But I know that that is a lot to ask for! Ah well.