Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sick, Maybe.

I've felt like shit for a couple of days now.

Oh, well.

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Joepoe said...

I think all those people forgetting to use birth control is what brought you into the human race, not what makes you disapear from it. But that's just me. Assuming your little brother dude doesn't know what sex is, don't show him this one. Your sister probably doesn't either, but show her anyways! lolz

Oh and gws

And that stands for get well soon.

Not god would say or gulf war syndrome or google web server or goes without saying or great white shark or global weather service or graphic work station or general welding service or great western steamship (the company) or get wasted, sharpe or get with sam or anything like that.

Yeah, I enjoyed those last two.

But get well soon!

-Joseph Van Poseph