Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three Minutes

My sister is being all ker-spaz about going on the computer. i have three minutes before i go back to hell, aka doing proofs. Those should SO be called poofs, and not just because i mispelled it that way. It's actually the best alternate name in the world. You're just not cool enough to see it. Doesnt it annoy you when someone writes your instead of you're? It just ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME. Like "Aww your so cute!" or ""Your just so awesome we're gonna be bffs forever [which fyi is redundant. i hate it when people do that, too.], even tho i lyke kissed your bf [i.e. boyfriend, which i am also not fond of] @ summer camp. Lyke, GO TICONDERANAGACAMPINDIANNAMETHAT'SHORREDOUSLYLONGANDNOONEWILLREMEMBERYEARSFROMNOWORINTHENEXTTENSECONDSEVEN, BUNK 3234254362452435.340897519845!!!!!"

must go.


Joepoe said...

which reminds me why we put spaces between our words!

Elizzy said...

wow...ya, i could almost understand what you said...almost