Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweeny Todd?

Yeah, i'm being an usher today...wheeeee...i'm seeing both casts w/ellllooooo...partay.

I think i'm addicted to america's next top model...heehee...and i'm also tres tired after babysitting. The kid took his plastic food and made me a fish-onion-cheese sandwich with root beer. Then the other kid made straberry, potatoe and garlic soup. Only he said "tatoes" instead of potatoes and stuff like cuuuuuute....

Then we watched that movie The Aristocats to make them fall asleep. And me and Emma noticed all this stuff that you NEVER notice when you're a kid. Like, why didnt the butler just kill them? Why didnt the sleeping pills make them die? If they didnt make the cats die, they would have certainly killed the mouse. And this cat has three kittens, right? Where did the dad go? Uhh ohhhh spagettios...then we were watching those stupid soap operas on the N. Conversations went like this:

Emma: I want a smoothie.

Ali: Yeah, me too. We should get Kwest to buy us some smoothies.

Emma: What kind of name is that, anyways? Aww, look, he got her a rose.

Ali: That's pretty romantic for a guy named Kwest.


Emma: Wait. Please explain this to me. Why is this girl carrying around a golfish in a bowl?

Ali: She stole it from the sushi place.

Emma: Um....why?

Ali: Because she's carrying a flask around in her pocket. Aaaaand...she's playing her guitar while driving drunk. Great.

Emma: OH MY GOD WATCH OUT FOR THE--what kind of face was that?

Ali: The I-just-ran-into-a-cement-thingy face?

Emma: Or just bad acting. *makes face*

Ali: *makes face while laughing hysterically*

....So you can see that we're not the best babysitters in the world.


joepoe said...

Ack, Kids!

Yeah, they're cute, but annoying.

I am a Den Chief aka a boy scout that is in charge of a den of cub scouts.

anyways...the kittens are bastards. That's why they have no father at home. JK

anyways, forgive my language.

Oh, and did you have to change any daipers? Ha!

Ali said...

ew, no.

they're not THAT young.

Molly Wobbles said...

sounds like FLCL

Joepoe said...

I looked up FLCL. Apparently it is some sort of an anime show/movie.

Thanks, urban dictionary!

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Connor said...

u spelled sweenEy wrong....!

Elizzy said...



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