Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's so cool when it's warm out. Spring is beast. I come out of hibernation and all that.

Yknow, i havent had a real post in a while. I guess i could talk about my life.

Hmm. Well, today i went to newspaper. I used the word "creeper" many, many times. For reasons unknown, of course. I had to babysit, and me and the kid and like a bunch of other kids went on the neighbor's trampoline. I was wearing a skirt though and so could not bounce, except for a couple times when all the kids started annoying me and yelling "POPCORN ME! POPCORN ME!"

Also, my new obsession:


joepoe said...

Ack! It is doing that really retarded thing where it takes forever to load and you have to keep watching pieces. Screw it! Sorry, but I just don't have the patience

same as b4 said...

In case you didn't, read my last comment on your last entry.

Ali said...

yes i read it. and i know what one you want me to react to, so i'll react to the one i laughed at instead of that one: get wasted, sharpe. lol that's funny.