Thursday, March 29, 2007

A New Development

I'm going to change a little something about my posts: I'm going to have a Song of the Day. It may be in video or Mp3 form, depending. I'm going to start out with posting all the songs from No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" one day at a time. First is...Spiderweb!

No Doubt - Spiderw...


Sam said...

I'm already listening to music.

you fail.

Joepoe said...

Not for men. I don't really listen to female singers. The only one's I bother with are cascada because the "every time we touch" song is awesome, shakira's "hips don't lie", and the very sexy voice of Utada Hikaru, a japanese pop star. She has the sexiest voice on earth. I am serious!

And also, the bird should be black. Now I am going over to "something about green tea" where I will play the time warp really, really loudly and whistle to it in a dark room.

Oh, and I am going to Florida today! w00t