Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If You Give A 9-Year-Old Doctor Who...

"I bet I could beast Tim at Doctor Who trivia."

"Um, Will, no you can't. Trust me on this. You really can't."

"Yeah I could."


"See, I'd get like two questions right, and then whenever he tries to say something, I'll throw CD's in his mouth."

"What two things would you get right?"

"His name is the doctor, and he kills stuff with his magic pen."

"That's not what it's called. Something with screwdrivers. I don't know what, but definatley not that."

"Oh. Well, one question. YEAH!! GUNS!!"

....an Ali and Will production.

Monday, January 29, 2007

And Now For A Public Service Announcement:

Watch out for the grass. The grass bites back.

....an Ali and Will production.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rainbow Twizzlers: The Fruitiest Snack On Earth!

From the people who made Backyard Soccer, Backyard Baseball, and Backyard Hockey, a new installment that is much more beneficial to the normal child's future.....BACKYARD REVOLVER.

In this educational adventure, your children will learn how to play fun-filled games such as Hit and Run, How To Conceal a Weapon, Armed and Dangerous, Shoot the Bottle, and Guerrila Warfare. Young children will also learn How to Hotwire a Car and Stealing and Operating a Tazer, all for five easy payments of $12.99!!

**NOTE: This video game does not actaully exist. Shocking, I know, but people are spazzes.**

.....An Ali and Will production.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Note To JoePoe

I'm not a nerd. I don't think, anyway. I'm not good at math. At all. Or any school related thing, actually. I kind of have my own social classification. I'm just sort of an Ali. Also: the Ramones, The Veronicas, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Killers, Green Day, The Bravery, Blink-182, The Who, The White Stripes, The Cure,(lots of The's here), New Order, Franz Ferdinand, The Fray, The Gorillaz, Damone, Cold War Kids, The Sundays, Hellogoodbye, Rock Kills Kid, No Doubt, OKGo, Cartel, Diffuser, The Decemberists. I have more but I'm too lazy to write them down.

Ha ha ha.

Also...who got you pregnant?


I just had the most bizzare craving for cinnimon donuts. Like, seriously, i actually tasted them. I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happened once with mint chocolate chip ice cream, i wanted it in like January...and it was snowing. And i wanted ice cream. Hahaha what's wrong with me? Omg the whirring happened again but on a smaller scale. Thank God. Because I do not need my computer, in the words of dwight schrute, "bitching out on me." And next time someonesays something to you thats supposed to be mean, just go, "Oh, snap! I've been zinged!" Cuz Jess said that. On Gilmore Girls. I love him. I think it's a tradition or something that whenever we have a day off from school, me and my siblings watch an unusual amount of music videos. Emma sings along to Beyonce or pop-ish, and I sing along to anything really incomprehensible or rap or Spanish. Then when i forget the words i just go "Song, song, song" along to the tune.

Cuz i'm cool like that.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My computer just made the most bizzare noise. I clicked on like five things at a time, and it starts going "whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
I freaked out a little but then it stopped.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reality TV

Okay, so i KNOW everyone's already bitched about it, but now it's my turn: I hate reality shows. Not all of them, but most of them, and all of them on MTV. Things like My Super-Sweet Sixteen and Made, where all these kids do is WHINE, or the Hills and Next and Laguna Beach, where everything is so scripted it's ridiculous. There was also this thing on the news where people from reality shows would talk about how fake everything is, like when they live in a house the walls are paper-thin and how relationships started there never work or how stuff is edited in so it sounds like something happened that didnt.

Like on the Real World. Mel and Danny? Anyone remember them? I do, because that's the only season i ever followed. Well, they got engaged after the season ended, but seriously, if they get married, they'll be divorced in like two seconds. Because seriously. It's not the same when you're not living in a house cut off from the rest of the world in the Keys or wherever they were living at the time.

Two reality shows that i do like: American Idol (I'M SORRY but it's freaking ADDICTING) and America's Next Top Model (because nothing is funner than watching these girls bitchfight. And plus they have these ridiculous "challenges" like walking through heels in cobblestones and crossdressing and stuff that would never happen in what they call "the fashion world (like it's a whole other planet, which let's face it it sort of is) but are pretty damn funny anyways)


This is an amazing song. Seriously. Like, if an acid trip was translated into music, this is what it would sound like. If you're impatient, fast-forward to about halfway through. That's when people start singing. (Song is Plainsong by The Cure.)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quadradic Formula

Algebra really puts the world in perspective.

I mean, seriously.

I thought that I had no social life. What loser sat aound figuring out that x=-b plus or minus the square root of bsquared-4ac over 2a? Or that if the discriminate is less than zero there is no real solution? Or whatever the hell that was?

I'll tell you who: nerds from like 600 B.C., back when there was no TV. My question: who even CARES?!?!?!?

Bianca just said IMHO. What does that even mean? It looks like I'm ho. Lol, like in Michigan...long story...see previous blog entries...it's int there somewhere...Oh. In my humble opinion. Well, that makes no sense at all. What, you're going to say "In my pretentiously self-important opinion" instead? I actually like that one better. Hee.

I decided to join my sister in drawing, which was a mistake. Seriously, that girl can make a pencil-y Paris Hilton look realistic AND not as slutty at the same time. Which is pretty much a miracle. So there was this picture of this girl who won America's Next Top Model in this really awkward-looking position with her arms all up over her head and stuff, but i decided to draw that cuz there were no hands involved. And after something like three hours, the body looks decent, but she's a brunette from all the mistakes that i figured "Hey, put hair over it instead of erasing it!" and has the distinct expression of someone who drank five glasses of wine for breakfast. ARG.

And now, back to right triangles.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Okay, I REALLY Mean It This Time.

And the winner is still ben stiller, since you were all too busy freaking out at me to vote. Hee. He had 16, Godzilla had 14, Count had 13. Yay.

I hate midterms.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

And the Winner Is...

BEN STILLER with 14 votes! Heehee toldya so...Godzilla is runner-up with 13 thanks to my brother and his friend. Sorry, Count.

In other news, my camera broke. I was racing my brother to get the phone (b/c we're cool like that) and i launched myself over the little island thing in the middle of the kitchen (which was where the phone was) and the camera flew and hit the wall. ARG. So no pictures until further notice.

In MORE other news, i'm taking a break from Imperfection. I have to work on my other story. It's something like 60 pages long and needs a lot of editing and general fixing up.

And Joepoe, you can only be in the Mafia if you're German and Irish. If you are, cool. If not, the Mafia has unforgiving rules. Hee. I really want to buy a pink fedora and be the Godmother...but that's another story entirely.


ARG!!! I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to! Now will you all SHUT UP PLEASE?!?!?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ya Know What?? Maybe YOU'RE in the Ceiling.

How i dealt with all the godzilla comments: I know they were all by shermy. I was going to count them as 1 but then i decided that i would give him enough to tie with the lowest-ranking competitor. cuz i'm just nice like that.

Count Hievosauve (pretend there's an accent): 11
Ben Stiller: 13!!!
Godzilla: 11.

w00t! Get your votes in by today, people!! Rules: No multiple voting, no voting under psudonyms. No voting for yourself, count/godzilla (i seriously doubt ben stiller will be checking out my blog). Yeah, so, that's pretty much it.

Also, GI Mafia blog has been updated. And only 11DTW (days til Wicked)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

RULES, b****!

Okay SO:

Voting ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM. Why? Because i say so.

Votes only count once. i.e., no counting one post for a trillion, no doing confusing math things that i can't understand, etc.

Count Hievosauve: 10
Godzilla: 8
Ben Stiller: 8

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Current Tally

Count Hievosauve in the lead with six votes, Ben Stiller (kim and i didnt need to write ours down. cuz we're cool like that) and Godzilla tied in 2nd with five.
Keep voting, people.
Alright, so Maeve has made Godzilla reigning co-champion. In the future, please inform me of developments on other bloggies pleeeeez it's so confusing.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Disruptive!! Hee!

"How many Converses do you HAVE, anyways?"

"Not THAT many."

**after taking the picture**

"Oh, sweet Jesus...that's a lot of canvas."

Look at that ugly rug...story behind that: my dad fell through the attic floor into my ceiling. Then he had to repaint a lot of the ceiling and my uncle dropped green paint all over my rug, which then faded into a really ugly shade of gray. You can't really see it though cuz i made it all BAM.

End of the depressed posts. A day being disruptive at the movies can cure that you know. Especially when the movie is funny not sad and you can laugh at anything at that very moment. Most of the conversation amounted to this:

Me: Why am I the only person who thinks that Ben Stiller is hot?

Emma: What?! Ew, he's OLD.

Me: If he wasn't old. Or married.

Emma jammed the coin machine thing at the dentist's office. Heehee. It was like "....RUN!!" So we did. Then Will stole my hat.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Apparently you're not supposed to take asprin, asthma meds, allergy stuffs, and cold medicine at the same time.

It's sugar, btw. Not crack. *glares at anonymous friend.* Le brother spilled it on the floor.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Hate Colds.

Yes, I do.

Chapter 9 = done. It's just in a notebook and i really do not want to transcribe it right now, as i am sick and bored. And...yes...teeth hurt...orthadontist is a sadist...i hope he caught my cold...going to go read now...byeee...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Why do I even bother?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Imperfection, Chapter 8

"So you do crap like this every day?" Dan asked four days later.

"Except for Fridays and weekends, yes." I looked over at him and looked back quickly. It was all i could do not to laugh at the too-tall guy standing behind the counter and wearing a pink apron. He had looked a little uncertain when i brought that out, but then he found a way to play up that whole "real men wear pink" thing. So it was all good.

Ding. I walked back to the oven and he followed uncertainly.

"Can I help?" he asked me as I took a sheet of bell-shaped cookies out of the oven.

"Nah, you don't have to," I said, scraping the cookies off of the baking sheet and onto a cooling rack. "I'll just leave them here for my sisters to decorate."

"I COULD do that, you know," he said as i walked over to the radio.

"I'm not supposed to let you," I confessed, pressing the on button and scrolling through the stations.

"What? Why?"

"Because you burned yourself making a Poptart this morning."

"Oh. Right."

A rap song blared out of the speakers, and i winced a little.

Dan smiled. "What? Not enjoying the musical styling of...whoever this is?"

"I don't have anything against rap," I said, "but seriously. You'd think that this dude could be at least a little more subtle. The entire song basically amounts to 'Let me take your clothes off'."

"Isn't that true of every song?" he asked.

"Well, yeah, but it's like 'God, use a metaphor or something', you know?"

"I don't get metaphors. You're saying the same thing in the end. Saying it differently shouldn't change it any."

I was about to snap back, and who knows, it could have turned into a full-fleged debate if Emmalee hadn't walked downstairs at that moment in all her big-haired, scantily-clad glory. So of course, Dan was immediatley fixated on her (even though he's nice, he's still, you know, a guy and everything).

"Hey, Emmalee, I have some cookies in the back that you need to--"

"Let Erin do it," she cut me off and kept walking.

"Where are you going?"


I rolled my eyes. "No, duh. I meant where are you...." But by that time, she had already breezed right by me and out into the street.

I groaned and halfway kicked the wall. "Great."

"So...that's your sister, huh?" he said, staring at the patch of hairspray where her head had been a minute ago.

"Unfortunatley, yes."

"Wait! Emmalee! Wait for me!" Erin came running down the stairs, dressed in the exact same thing (a tank top, sunglasses, short shorts, and flip-flops), only her shirt and flip-flops were green. Emmalee's were white. She stopped short at the counter.

"Who'er you?" she asked a very confused Dan, who didnt say anything.

"Hey, I have some cookies that i need you to put stuff on."

"Oh. 'Kay," she said distractedly and pushed through the little door thing to get into the kitchen. Dan jumped back from her like she was a ghost.

"Who...i mean, what--"

Emmalee burst through the front door. "Where is she?" she asked me. I pointed over my shoulder, trying not to laugh at the look on Dan's face.

"Erin, WHAT are you doing?"

"Frosting cookies."


I laughed under my breath.

"Because they don't have any icing on them yet!"

"Okay, no. We have to..." Her voice dropped to a whisper, and five minutes later, they were gone.

"Can you please tell me what just happened?" Dan asked, with the same adorably confused look on his face. Wow. Did I just think that?

"They're twins. And yes, they are always like that."

"Wow. Poor you."

"Nah, they're in college. Harvard. Pretty had to beleive, I know. And then all of a sudden they just...came back." I rested my head in my hands, not because I was being tragic, but because I was laughing so hard. "Oh, God. You should have seen your face. What did you think, that they had started multiplying?"

"Well, kind of. That would be pretty scary."

"You have NO idea." I lifted my head up...and saw the clock. "Oh, crap. Can you manage for like fifteen minutes? I have to go somewhere."


I went back to the fridge and took out two little white containers. "Mom? I'll be right back, okay?" I called into the depths of the kitchen.

"Alright," her disembodied voice responded.

I walked out the door, soaking up the sun. I really needed to get out more. I took my time walking the fifteen-ish feet to Melissa's mom's store.

"Lunch break?" Theresa asked me as i bypassed five hurried brides-to-be, a couple of bored-looking future husbands, and many dismayed bridesmaids.

"Yup," I said, pressing the buzzer outside the door. No response. Of course. I just went up anyways, though.

The hallway leading to the living room was totally full of fabric. I picked my way around all the clutter, and there they were, sewing obsessivley.

"Hey guys," I called, turning on the light over the kitchen table. "Ben made something that looks like spagetti, but i'm not quite sure cuz it has these little aregano things in in and something that looks like onions, maybe? I tried it, though, and it was really good." I put one of the styrafoam boxes into the microwave and turned around. They were still zoned out. Shock. I walked over to the bookshelf, picked up the dictionary, walked over to them, and dropped it."

Melissa screeched. Lilly just looked up. "Scare the hell out of me, why don't you," Melissa said, shutting off the sewing machine. "Did you say spagetti?"

As we ate (actually, Melissa more just picked at it and talked while i ate off her plate) I debated telling her about Dan working there. If I told her it would be a Thing. There was no reason to say anything. But then if I didnt say something and she saw him there, it would be a Big Thing, because she'd think I was hiding it and then draw conclusions that were all kinds of wrong.

"So, what's new with you?"

I took a deep breath. You have to tell her. "Well, actually, someone new is working at the store."

"Ooh, really? I'm assuming it's not your sisters, right?"

I laughed nervously. "Hah, no. It's actually that guy, Dan."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, really?"

Great. "Yeah, he just saw the...sign that we put up."

"What sign?" she frowned. "I didnt see a sign."

"It was only up for like a second, but it was there," I lied.

"Huh." She paused the motion of her fork -pick, pick, pick- for a second, looked up to the ceiling to process it. What I had said, I mean, not the ceiling. And then she said, "Cool," and actually managed to eat a full bite of her spagetti.

Well, that's it, I guess. And call me crazy, but I was almost...disappointed? No, that couldn't be it. And if it was, I had to channel it into a different emotion. I decided on annoyance.

"God, Melissa. EAT." I pushed the plate all the way over to her and she squirmed a little. "I have to go make sure Dan didnt blow the place up."

"Bye," Lilly said. Melissa rolled her eyes. She (Melissa) still wasn't talking to her (and by extention, neither was I), but the stupid manners that my parents have drilled into me kicked in and I smiled in her general direction as i walked down the stairs.

As I closed the door into the store behind me, i could hear bickering. The words 'just a guy' came up, but I didnt feel like listening. Then I'd be responsible for comforting her, and call me a bad person but i didnt really want to deal with that right then. I kind of had bigger problems at that very moment.

Like the fact that the smoke alarms were going off in the store.

I mean, they were always doing that for no reason. But you didnt turn them of by swatting them with a broom. That didnt even reach it.

I laughed and headed back. This was going to be more interesting. If nothing else.

A Rose...

...you're sad, I suppose.
That flower is fake. It's made of glass. I got it in New York. I just stuck it in the grass because the idea seemed funny at the time. You can really tell that it isn't real if you look at it full view. The title is from my current favorite song, Furious Rose.
Anyways, I don't have much to say right now. Chapter 7 of Imperfection is below.
Messing around with some layout dealios. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Imperfection, Chapter 7

Thanks to Tim for help with car names, as i know nothing about them at all.


I rested my head gingerly on the counter.

I hate them.

What time is it?


Early June to the middle of July. The busiest time all year. Already, there were couples roaming the street. How did they get here so early? HOW???

The little bell over the door rang, and I snapped up, expecting a frantic Couple. Instead, I got a very work-ethic-looking woman with a blonde ponytail and a suit jacket. In 85 degree weather? She was sporting a Palm Pilot, stylus poised. She was even wearing lip liner.

This was not going to end well.

"Hello," she said in a short, clipped, slightly frantic voice. "I'm Elizabeth."

"Huh." Something in her face told me that this wasnt the right answer. Oh, wait. "I mean...hi. Welcome to--"

"I'm here to ask about a wedding cake?" she inturrupted. "I was planning on having the caterers make it, but they said that they didnt do that. Then they reccomended me to here. That's very odd, you know. They don't do that in New York."

"You live in New York and you came here for your wedding?" I asked. I know, i'm an idiot, but it really didnt process at the time.

"Lived. Lived in New York," she corrected herself, sounding even more hurried/semihysterical. "I'm having a little trouble adapting to the past tense, now that we've moved...here."

"Alright. So you say that you want a...wedding cake?"

She must have read my expression, because she immediatley said, "I DO have a husband. His name is Paul. He's just not here. Because he had to close a deal. A deal with a major company. An important deal with an important company."

"That's...nice," I said, wondering why she was sharing this with a random adolesent that she had met two minutes ago.

"More important," she grabbed a handful of napkins on a nearby table and started crumpling them into little balls, "than his FIANCE. More important than the fact that we're getting MARRIED and everyone is coming and we need a CAKE."

"That's...that's too bad." I had no clue what to do, because she seemed on the brink of tears. Or hyperventilating. "Would you like to...sit down for a minute?"

She smiled shakily. "That would be good. But--" she checked her Palm Pilot again "--not for very long. I have an appointment."


"And then he tells me that he can't make it to the dinner, that he has THINGS TO DO," Elizabeth called from across the store two hours later.

"Uh-huh," I mumbled. I had figured out that this was all that was needed from me. Some people might consider it a handicap, to have a weepy 25-year-old woman pouring her problems all over you, but i had gotten used to it. I could write down the demands of various Couples, text messege Melissa, ring people up, remind myself that tomorrow was Friday and i wouldnt have to work for three days, and say "Uh-huh" at the same time.

Ring. Ring.

It was the phone upstairs. My parents were baking. My sisters were out again.

I told Elizabeth to entertain any customers that came (hey, if she was just going to sit there, she might as well be useful) and ran up the stairs, trying to beat the machine.

"Hi, you've reached the Stewart family phone," Erin's perfect flight-attendant/secretary voice rang out from the base of the phone. "If you're looking for the Stewart Bakery, press one to be redirected to our buisness line. If not, leave a messege after the beep." Beeeeeeeeep.

"Uh, hey." Who was that? They sounded familiar. "This is, uh, Dan..."

I gasped a little, which i found pretty stupid and movie-ish, but i didnt think he was going to call me back.

"...I'm calling for Catie...I'm assuming this is your phone number, cuz, you know, that's what it said on the box....I mean...wait. I meant that that's what it said on the caller ID. Um, if this isn't Catie, sorry, but I just wanted to ask you..."

I was being such a GIRL, because I swear to God, i thought that he was going to ask...well, something other than he did.

"...if you have any, um, job openings at your store? Cuz I kind of need some money, and, well, it seemed like a good place to start. Uh, yeah, so, call me back when you get this. Oh! And--"

Beeeeeep. The machine cut him off, and I felt like lunging at the phone and doing that star-69 thing (our phone is ancient and has no caller ID) to call him back and figure out what he was about to say. He was probably just trying to leave his number. Duh.

...oh, crap. Elizabeth.

I walked back downstairs, expecting to find wreckage. Instead, I found a small miracle. She was talking to another woman who had walked in, also sans husband but wearing an engagement ring. The similarities sort of ended there, as the non-Elizabeth fiance was very hippy-chick-looking, but they seemed to be having a very heartfelt conversation.

"I mean, like a concert is more important that a wedding," she was saying angrily.

"A buisness meeting isn't more important either!"

"A stupid concert. What is it, The Rolling Stone's 50th last show?"

"And it's a stupid buisness meeting, too. Who cares about the future of the chip industry?"

"There's a chip industry?"

"Uh," I inturrupted cleverly, "can I help you?"

The hippy-chick turned to me. "Oh, I just wanted to get a cake or something." Then she continued bitching like that's why she was here.

I finally got the specifics for both of their cakes (Hippy Chick seemed disappointed that we didnt have organic apple frosting, but life is full of disappointments, and anyways it's not like we weren't already putting granola and rasins on it) and they went out to have lunch or something.

And then there was a lull. It's not like I jumped all over the phone to call Dan or anything. Except for that i did, but hey, who cares about the details?

"He's not home," his mom said after an excrutiating greeting, "but i can give you his cell phone number. If it is for a job."

"Oh, definatley," I said, trying to sound older. "He just contacted us this morning, and we are desperatley in need of some help." Hah! Take that, Erin!

"Well, okay." She gave me his number and we hung up.

As I dialed, a car pulled up in front of the store. A really nice, expensive-looking car, too (don't ask me which kind. I'm hopeless at that kind of thing). I craned my neck to see who was getting out. That girl looked kinda...

Oh my God. It was Emmalee. And there was Erin, right on her side, both wearing big bug-eye sunglasses, two guys in the front seats. As they got out, the car drove away way faster than the 25 MPH speed limit.


I directed my attention away from the window. "Hey. This is Catie."

"Oh, hey!" Well, he sounded friendlier than before. "Did you get my message?"

"Yeah, but you got cut off at the end."

"Oh, that was my cell number. So how did you..." He trailed off.


"You didn't call my house did you?"


He sighed a little. "Did my mom say anything to you?"

"Um, she...gave me your number?" The twins strode into the store and made their way towards the door. "Hey, where have you guys been?"

"None of your buisness," Erin retorted.


"No, not you, my...ugh...sisters..." I looked up after them. "I told your mom about the job and everything...is that okay?"

"Actually, yeah, that's better. Anytime a girl calls me it's always a big thing."

"Oh. Well, I have to check with my parents, but they'll probably be thrilled." Not as thrilled as me, I almost said, but realized just in time that that could be very, very misinterperated.


"Alright, so...bye. I'll call you and tell you when you can start."


I hung up and frowned. Not at Dan, but at the memory of my sisters getting out of that car and the fact that I hadn't heard them boasting any new, rich boyfriends latley.

"Porche?" I said out loud, just as Erin was walking down into the store.


"Oh, nothing, it's just..." It made more sense to go for Erin than Emmalee. "It's just that that car you guys were getting out of looked like a Porche, maybe?"

"BMW," she said casually. I realized she was pulling on a pink apron. Huh. "Porche doesn't fit four."

"Oh," I said, wondering where this sudden knowlege of cars and, well, anything, had come from. "Well, that's...fancy. You guys have new boyfriends or something?"

"Actually--" She stopped short and looked up at me suddenly. There was this look of "oh, crap" in her eyes, and she glared at me, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Who appointed you my mother?"

Appointed? That was three whole syllables. This had to be something big, that not even Erin would give it away.

For the rest of the day, I left the subject alone. It was easier to work without having to bicker.

But for the rest of the day, I kept seeing silver BMWs speeding down for the road.


Guess what's yummy? Caffine.

Guess what's yummier? Superman.


%0 <-----high smiley

XP <-----dead smiley

@=) <-----Donald Trump smiley (ya fired!!)

=)-B--D--< <-----smiley wearing a bikini (i can't fully take credit for this one. It was luke's idea. Although he didnt say it was wearing a bikini.)

I=( <-------smiley w/a unibrow

8=) <-----mickey mouse smiley

@@@@@@=) <-----marie antionette smiley.

Now that i'm sure i've thoroughly annoyed quite a few people, au revoir!!!


Le francais for edit.

Awesome warm day. I wore a short skirt (with shorts under it lol cuz i was climbing things) without leggings or tights for the first time in like forever. Also a tank top, but then i got yelled at and had to change.

Wind It Up is a funny song. Yodeling!!!! Gwen Stefani is so random. "I know he thinks you're fun and stuff, but does he know how to wind you up?" And then she says "Heeeeeellll yeeeaaaaahh" just like Stu. If stu was a girl. And plus i got some stupid rap by Jay-Z. It's on his latest coming-out-of-retirement album. How many of those have there been so far? Three? Four? WOW he's been credited on something like 36 albums counting singles. Jeez. No wonder he keeps trying to retire. Anyways, all they say on that song is like "Show me watcha got little mama, show me whatcha got, SHORTAAAY!"

Dinner calls. Byeaz

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Distracted Post

Guess what?


I dunno what, just stuffs.

some annoying guidence councelor lady came to world cultures today. she was loud and obnoxious. hey wouldnt it be funny, like you know how you shorten world literature to world lit, if world cultures was world cult?? teehee...not really.

then yeah it'd be like yeah.

i'm so distracccted

tsk shermy and his procrastination skills. not as good as MY skills.

Procrastination and otherwise.


Me and Will have been messing around on the compy bcuz we have been BANNED from watching the office cuz apparently it's a distraction. whatEVER.

I slapped somebody with three trout today!!

Is that the trout of plural? I mean wait...plural of trout(s)?

Uncle Sas is awesome.

Ok just so you don't get all confuse(d er than you are), my brother is making sasquatch references, specifically from this site. He's skeptical of my link-making skills.


The following typed by will with his nose. Well, gtg. Dinner calls.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Bad Puns

The worst pun i have ever heard:

"An ant walks into a bar. There's a bunch of dead ants in there. He says "It's hot in here!" Then he dies. Where was the bar?"


"Where was the bar?"

"Um...being wacked over his head?"

"No, under a magnifying glass!!!"

"... that wasn't funny."

"It's a pun. It's not supposed to be funny."


...only 31 days until i get to see Wicked.