Saturday, December 16, 2006

Clutter and Time Travel

That's my bulliten (sp.?) board. It's a sexy beast and i love it dearly. Pretty much every picture i get in the mail from theatre camp/anyone, i put up there.
In science the other day we were talking about how many ways we could think of Mr. Mucci being absent for an extended amount of time. This kid Kyle was like "Mr. Mucci, what if you broke your hip?" and Mr. Mucci said "I'd be back here in a week. No, wait, the next day. Or the next afternoon. I'd be back in ten minutes because I'd freeze time and get them to do the operation on me." Some kid in the back goes, "Wait, then wouldnt the doctors be frozen, too?"
Kyle: Not if he was touching them when he froze time.
Me (to Stu): Like in Clockstoppers! God, that movie sucked.
Stu: *stares*
Mr. Mucci: I could just make time freeze in a certain place. I'm an experienced timestopper. So you're never going to get rid of me.
We get SO off-track in X ICPE. Especially since whenever me and Genna and Stu work together, we get NOTHING done. It's mostly just thinking about creative ways to kill Travis (I voted spontanious combustion), debating what color my hair should be next (Stu: Blue, Genna: Blonde, Me: Neither), thinking up annoying nicknames for each other (Beef Stu/Stu-pid, Hollister/Abecrimbe (i can never spell that), Pinky/Ali G), or playing the transvestite stick figure game ("But there's no difference! He only has like one more hair!!...OHHHHHH..."). Social Studies is also fun, as i get to harass Stone, the Noah-Sam (i confused mr. delella!!), Conner, and Kelso. Hehehe....but mr. holmes keeps pop-quizzing us on nothing ("I thought he was going to say 'Who would win in a fight?'"). And also Confucionism and Daoism, but seriously. Who even cares? I spend most of my time in that class reading "Harp of Burma", cuz i always forget. Because i'm me, and that's what i do.


Molly Wobbles said...

omgeeeeeeeeee Its not exactly like I'm killing myself

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i congratulate you on this:

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tim does it like it's math:

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