Friday, December 08, 2006

This Is Bugging Me


so there's this movie

the lake house

that my sister tricked me into watching

sandra bullock

keanu reeves

sappy as hell


the movie starts with this lady named cate eating lunch with her mom. All of a sudden this guy gets hit by a bus and she runs and tries to save him cuz she's a doctor but he dies anyways. So of course since they included this, you know that it is the guy that they showed her talking to in the preview (alex). Her doctor friend tells her to go away somewhere that she likes, and she's all "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, kay" and goes to the lake house (hence the name). Then she finds a letter in her mailbox from this guy who says that he's 2 years in the past. A whole complicated correspondence ensues. Then he tells her that he's going to meet her two years from tomorrow (which for her is just tomorrow). Then he doesnt and she gets all pissy and decides that she's not going to write to him anymore. Some complicated stuff happened that i didnt get at all, and he finds a letter that she wrote that talked about her eating lunch at a certain place on Valentine's Day and he wants to go there and then she finally figures out that it was him who died. So she sends him a letter that says to wait two years and she'll be there and the little flag on the mailbox goes down, and she looks up and he's there, kiss kiss, etc.

So here's what i don't get: the only reason she ever went to the lakehouse was because he died. but then he never died, so she never went to the lakehouse, so they never talked, so they couldnt possibly have ever met.



nerdjedi said...

Welcome to the world of temporal paradoxes.

Elizzy said...

lol wow that's weird...any why i never saw the doesn't make SENSE!!!

John said...

this movie is a remake of a korean movie "Il Mare" released in late 90s.

I haven't watched Lakehouse but the story seems similiar to the original...i prefer the original mb because i am korean haha.

melodrama works very well in asia.