Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How About Some Popcorn and Solitary Confinement

I dunno where the popcorn part of the title came from. I guess I'm just hungry, as usual.

So last night my dad got really mad at me and sent me to my room.

This surprised me because my dad is a lawyer.

Lawyers do not send you to your room as a punishment like normal people.
They don't really give you punishments either. Or at least, they don't call it that.

They give you "sanctions".

I.E. they take away the stuff you really care about, although the said stuff has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

I only get sent to my room when they want me to go away or if i shock them so much that they can't come up with a "sanction". This time it was because i did something so shocking as argue with him. A-gasp.


At the time he sent me up there, it was 8:25.

I was like "8:25? What am i supposed to do in my room alone at 8:25?"

And thus the series of pictures called "Solitary Confinement" was born.

The sexiest shoes in the world being worn by someone who is totally NOT my little brother. (To be perfectly honest, this was taken on Sunday, not Monday.

The sink in the upstairs "kid's bathroom". This idea stolen from Sam.

The book i'm currently reading. It's set in England in 1817. I love these kinds of books for some reason, if only because everyone talks so old-brittish-y and i love to imitate them and make emma stare at me like "?!?!?!?"

The view from where i was laying. I still have pink polish on my toes. My pajamas make my legs look massive.

Cooookie.... (I eventually snuck downstairs)

Me hiding from my dad.

Precipitation (this is my water cup thing on my dresser.)

Under my blanket....and then i fell asleep.
Next time: the adventures of me and kim.


Sam said...

yay im famous.

almost famous.

Elizzy said...

lol wheee pictures

hey are u reading the enchanted chocolat pot or Sorcery and Cecilia? that's what it looks like