Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Conversations With My 14-Year-Old Self

The title is taken from the v. emo Pink song "Converstions With My 13-Year-Old Self". I found the idea of having a conversation with yourself very amusing and decided to give it a shot.

Hey, self. Thanks for coming down here today.

No problem. And technically, I already WAS here. In your head. Nice place you've got here.


A little cluttered, but the gigantic poster of Hayden Christensen was a nice touch.

Thanks, I like it myself. Ha, ha.

*awkward silence*

So...how 'bout those Yankees?

It isn't baseball season. Plus, you don't know the first thing about baseball.

I know, i know. I'm just not used to making smalltalk with myself.

You're excused.

*awkward silence*

So, how 'bout those Eag--


Jeez, why are you so moody?

You can't insult me! I'm YOU.

Oh. Well, your mom.

...oh. Right. Sorry about that.

So is this conversation going to go anywhere productive?

Probably not. Oh, but i do have a question.


Where did Sanity go? Did she ever come back?

Oh, she went to Paris.

PARIS?? Lucky. How come my mind gets to go nicer places than me?

It's not just her. Intellegence and Grace ran off together.

No way. Seriously?? They seem like such an unlikley couple. Where did THEY go?


Great. Well, it's been nice chatting with you, but there's a couple of men in white coats and a strange-looking truck knocking on my door. I should probably go get that.


Jeff said...

Sanity ran of to Saturn's rings and then got hit by a falling cow in me.

Molly Wobbles said...

you have cabin fever too!! XD

nerdjedi said...

I never had grace or sanity, to be honest...

Molly Wobbles said...