Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random Things

Lately, random things have started depressing me. Like a picture that i didnt even take, or a conversation i had with someone like a year ago. What just depressed me was that i was going back and reading their blog, and it was like "I didn't even KNOW them then..." and all of a sudden that depressed me. WHAT THE HELL!?!? Arg. My cell phone is being not-working-ish. People keep sending me texts at around midnight. I usually wake up when that happens, but last night i was totally out until 9 in the morning when the phone vibrating woke me up and i was like "'3 Text Messeges?' That's odd."

Anyways. Let's talk about the glorious land of Michigan. I might go and drive forklifts later, as long as i stay at least ten feet away from the golf cart at all times, as we do not want a repitition of two years ago. Ah, well. Maybe i'll just blowtorch something instead. My sister's freaking out cuz my uncle just came in and he has a tazer (he's a police officer so he's allowed to, thank you very much) and is showing us how it works. It's pretty cool, actually. Makes a noise like a machine gun. He says he's going to take us to see all of his guns. That should be entertaining. **sarcasm**

Well i gotta go, my aunt just walked in. B back later.


-People who think they know everything
-People who yell at you for chasing your little brother, even though you are not being noisy, they do not own the store, you do not know them, you are never going to see them again, and they could damn well just shut up for five seconds because they do not own the world or you.
-Sisters that tell adults about these kinds of things, expecting said adults to be shocked and outraged.
-Adults that say that you deserved it anyways and they were glad that the lady yelled at you because you can't go disrupting them like that, on and on until it's another closing statement. But this is not court. I am not the jury. I am not under oath. Or is it the witnesses that go under oath? Either way, i do not want to listen to it.
-Sisters who think the first adult is just a fluke and keep TELLING adults, who give you the same speech.
-Getting cherry soda, and then drinking it on a mostly empty stomach and feeling mildly nauseated for the rest of the day. Don't get me wrong, i still heart it, but seriously.
-Siblings who open every bottle, thus causing bottles to loose their fizz and become nothing but high fructose corn syrup and flavoring.
-Not having your shampoo and having to use your sister's, which does something funky to your hair and makes it look really straight and brown and the whole shape of your face is changed because of it.
-People who tell you to get off the computer already and be social. Though technically my dad did say that i don't have to be social until uncle jerry gets here. Sure, he thought it would be in like two seconds, but still.
-Not knowing what channel the office is on
-Hating myself for being bitchy and pathetic.
-Chicken wings
-Mothers who think you're anorexic
-Fathers who tell you that if you didnt eat so much you would be hungry for dinner, even though you havent eaten anything all day except a bagel, coffee cake, and a bag of goldfish. Yeah, there was the cherry soda, which is also why you're feeling so crap-like.
-Actually thinking the words "screw this, i'm going to bed" at 8:10.


Anonymous said...

hey ali! i'm commenting! i was in north carolina and then in new york city, and have just heard bout he whole sam and jeff saying things on tim's blog and tim and jeff getting upset. hee. isn't it hilarious?!?!?

angie said...

oh poo. well, that anonymous that just posted was me.