Friday, December 15, 2006

Theorems and A Challenge

Did I spell that right?

Well, the title of this post will become clear momentarily(sp.?). Today I turned on the radio, and I heard a song. What song it was, i couldnt tell. But it was annoying, and i thought that i might put the singer on the hit list, or more specifically, the composer, since it's not the same thing most of the time. So i started to describe the song to my friend: it was about some girl who was in love with a boy who had just broken up with her for what seemed to be no reason.

The friend in question named five songs off the top of her head.

This was a little odd to me, but not really. I decided to skip the radio and go watch TV. My sister was watching Full House, and the commercials came on. The first commercial was for a movie where the guy kept living the day over and over, but it was Christmas-themed. My mom said "They're showing Groundhog Day?" and I said "That sounds exactly like that TV seiries with Taye Diggs in it. Also Deja Vu." Then I thought about how you could possibly get away with that without being sued for copyright enfringement. A Hillary Duff commercial came on. I was distracted by thinking about the suckiness of her movies. Like 'A Perfect Man.' It was this movie about this mom with two girls, one of them Hillary Duff trying to make you beleive that she's a disaffected-type-youth, and the other was some unknown actess who played her odd-ish, spelling-bee-winning sister, who moved all over the country to find, you guessed it, The Perfect Man. I wanted to kill myself after watching this. Actually, that was a lot like that one, what was it...Mermaids. Ever seen it? It's a movie about this mom who has two daughters, one of them Winona Ryder trying to make you beleive that she's a religious teenager, and some unknown actress who played her swimming-ish younger sister, and they move around the country in search of a guy for her to date.

And then it hits me: Everything is repeating itself! I knew that already, but still! I mean, think about it: The song "Promiscuous" could logically be called a modern-day rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (my parents have the holiday music playing on repeat). But the ideas had to start somewhere.

So here is the challenge part: I think that there are at least 10-20 movies that started it all. And i want a list. Of course, there possibly are a lot more than that, but i needed a number.

Your challenge is, if you want, to help me with the list. The only things are that you have to do your reaserch, and no silent movies cuz those are stupid. And you have to provide a plot synopsis, but it doesnt have to be your own. Otherwise, that's it. The movie can be old, new, action, romance, comedy, whatever. I reccomend this site for the looking-up of movies.

That's all, folks.

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